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Storybook 1: Synj

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Gather the kids around and enjoy the tale of when Synj came to visit Dustball and Priscilla! An instant classic!

(Yes Priscilla is my wife; yes that is Synj; yes the idea is from Conan; no you can't have Priscilla's #, and you don't need to tell us you think she's hot like everyone else.)

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lol funny

lol, Funny!

That was pretty funny mate lol!
I do think you need to make more, good job.


Sorry if you've answered this before but what happened to the REAL Gel during this filming?

Nice touch pasting his face over... Winona (Miss Synj?)

Is it just mean or did you guys just move in to that pad in this first storybook?

I just noticed the book shelf looked fairly bare.
It looks like a great pad though.

Keep animating and composing....and cheating at Foosball?


seen it many a time now, loved it the first time i saw it, just wondering though, in the creators comment thing, it states that you got the idea from "conan" what's conan? does it relate to the movie or what? doubt you'll answer this but if you ever go about finding this, please answer.

Dustball responds:

Glad you like it! I was referring to the TV show Late Night with Conan O'Brien.


Ha, made me laugh several times.
I like your style, your humor 'n all, you make some really funny stuff.
Keep up the good work