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Hiro Shitaku

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Yes... while Hiro Shitaku is fictional (means, not real...), the remaining goodness in this "edu-mation" (at over seven minutes long) is accurate, and with a bit of comedy, will explore the history and techniques of the Japanese animation industry. I had a lot of fun making it, and I hope everyone enjoy's watching it!

** Disclaimer: to avoid confusion, Hiro was not a real person. However, all of the techniques discussed in this film were instead created by the industry as a whole to deal with their insane production quotas. Learn, laugh, but please don't take this film 100% seriously. Sorry.


You genius.

If I hadn't known any better, that could have been passed off as true while still being fantastic. Its humor was appropriate for the edu-mation style, yet used to the fullest extent. I hope you share your future works on this site. Your talent has truly impressed me.


I really appreciated that and learned alot! Thank you!!

Sugoi desu~!!

This was so awesome! I loved it. Though, you might want to fix the play button. Im renaming my cat Chibi now! (His current name is Timmy...)

CirrusEpix responds:

Thanks! I fixed the preloader, so let me know if it works now.

Very good

I thought everything was great except for two very minor things, I had to right-click play twice to get it going & I thought the titles were just a little slow. Other then that, good edumation, good music, good narration, nicly drawings, nice.

Manga? Maaaaanga. Monga. Mango!

...Yummm... fruit....

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4.20 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2004
7:29 PM EDT