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Letter To Santa

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Author Comments

I've been working on this flash for about 3 hours. It was hard to get a good enough recording, and trying to match voice with image, etc, etc. I colored it child-like on purpose, incase you were wondering :3 Anyways, this is based off my real life... And yes, I'm aware that Christmas is still a bit aways yet XP

I really don't care if you crit or not. This was for fun, and yeah, stuff like that o.o

---------------------------------------- --------
Dear Santa,
This is what I want for christmas..
A new house.
Some new clothes.
Maybe a toy or two.
A motorcycle, to go vroom vroom.
I already have all the doggies and kitties I could ask for.
I just don't have a mom or dad.
And no brothers or sisters to take care of me.
I'll be alone this christmas.
Maybe you could you send a friend my way?
Or maybe I could spend christmas with you?
My mom died last year.
My dad doesn't want me.
My brothers moved away.
And I have no sisters.
Sometimes I cry at night.
Because they're all gone.
Santa, I no longer want those other gifts.
All I want for christmas, is a family.
A family to spend time with.
A family to love me.
A family that never has to worry.
Because we'll always have each other.
That is what I want for christmas.
Thank you Santa.
Say happy birthday to Jesus for me.
Love, Stars
---------------------------------------- --------

Media: Flash 5/Flash MX
Time: Aprox. 3 hours
Stars is copyright to me

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poor little thing :'(

I'd give him a good home if he existed lol I hate seeing animals in danger :'( was soo sweet and bought tears to my eyes


That was so cute!


This is pretty good. But how come it often shows a stick figure when the writer is a blue cat with a star on it's head? I'm confused...


I didn't wan't to rate this flash cus i didn't know if it was true.

Then I thought, how did you make this flash if you don't have a home to put yer comp. in. Also, if that's the case, you said that you have no friends. As sad as that is, that means you couldn't barrow a friends comp.

Finally, you could be a little bit OPTOMISTIC! try making friends at school, get a part-time job, do something other than make deppressing toons.