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CYOAA v1.3

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A year and a half ago I made a somewhat crappy game that was based of the theme of "Goosebumps: You choose the scare" type of text game. Now I've made it somewhat better. With a better interface and better grammer I'm fairly sure this should work out. I'd like to thank everyone who passed this game. Check back for this to be updated grammer and 100% bug free.
New interface
Edited story
Fixed grammer

Background music
Chapter bar
100% Grammer and bug error free.

P.S. I have great repect for those who can do flash animations on laptops. I did this one on an I-book and it's hard.


Fmaily Guy

Ever seen Family Guy..? Well Peter was reading one of those choose what happens next books.. It's a somewhat random moment.. Getting scared of what he choose and flipping back through the page quickly Screaming... Anyway.. Fun Game.. Needs Pictures though..


ok. it was a little boring, but it was still fun, too.

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Patricoo responds:

Thats all I want. Thanks.

Wait i got somthin to say.........................

Where is the goosebumps song!

Patricoo responds:

Definatly a thought. I actually started doing this again. The adddition of scroll buttons will help greatly.

Wait a darn second.

It's a fun game, but get's boring after a while due to the lack of pictures and stuff.

My name is not Mike.

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Patricoo responds:

Ha. Partially agreed. It's too bad I got bored of revising it...

G'day once again!

I just quickly wanted to thank you for your reply to the "possibly funny pic's" review that I wrote. It proves that you care enough about your work and the viewers of your work to relpy to reviews. This game is very well done, and is an excellent idea, but as written in other reviews, it would be nice to have some sound. Other than that, I really enjoyed those R.L Stine 'Goosebumps' books, and I really enjoyed this submission. Hope you make another version with sound, some pictures perhaps and have a great day :)

Patricoo responds:

And I'll thank YOU for the nice comments. Reviews I think are the best part of NG so as long as I have the chance to answer back I will.
Anyways I haven't updated CYOAA because I'm working on my first real animation called "Hank's Root Beer." It's an infomercial for, well, hank's Root Beer.
I have the charactor disgns and voice overs but I have yet to start animating. That'll begin on Sunday. Expect it done before the end of october.

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1.82 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2004
9:09 PM EDT
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