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Imp episode 20

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Author Comments

Same old same old episode..only with a minigame in it..glitchy but ah well.. you can skip it ^_^..
the next imp will take a looooooooooong while so better enjoy this episode ^_^


Pretty Cool!

I really love your movies! But you may have to work on the animation and sound. I mean, your characters point with their ring finger instead of their index finger! And the burning from the swedish fish sounds like you coughed into the microphone at 130 decibels! But don't get me wrong! Your movies ARE overall excellent! And I do like the minigame and brain-power car!

RogerregoRRoger responds:

wow! you could even see it was a ringfinger..WEll, guess i am good at rwaing ^_^,,
Yeah, i got plenty of room to improve, glad you liked the rest tough!



o ya what did John even do that made him so disrespected that made you guys want to kill him in evry ep.(i read he was once respected)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

He stalked Jamie, bothered Hhog, asked zody to do about 5 pictures for him and never even said thanks, and tried to move on bustin's girlfriend and the list goes on..

but of corse another funny episode.

Uhh i read those spans that "ROGERISGAYYY" made i'm sorry that my last review gav him the amy insult. his just an idoit! well anyway i cant find and imp ep. 8 was it remved or somthing??? o ya btw thise imp was the best one i liked those to that compition fight thingy

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well dont worry about it, Rogerisgay's comments dont make sense..That amy is my favorite sonic character means I'm in love with her?
well i happen to like megaman games too, and super mario, and i definitly don't plan on marrying neither O_o

Anyway, the orignal imp 8 is called imp xmas, but because many people, like yourself, don't understand, i later made imp 8 a special fanservice episode, splitted in imp 8 interactive and imp 8 movie.

This is the best one yet.

good on ya, the battle of the gangs was kewl, was slightly embarresed by the Lsu doing stuff but at least it wasn't too nasty. oh and is the music for the battle scene from pirates of the carribean? just checking. and i think that john somewhat represents the 'kenny' of the gang. death must be pissed with him dying and coming back to life like a freakin yo-yo.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah death is pissed..Perhaps he is the one asking god to keep throwing swedish fish at him ^_^
The battle song was form Pirates, yes..

First tim with interactivity, and a NG camio

You are seriously getting better every time, i mean this one i SWEAR had 3D aspects (if not AGAIN CORRECT ME :_<) had interactivity a great fight scene, and was one of the funniest. let me explain
Graphics: Ok one of the best things animated is the Swedish fish burning, no clue how but i do always love that ^_^, and well the brainpower car's speed demon period was very cool looking, and well very cliche for Zody, basically the coolest character ;D. Also the ... Furry graphics were heh nice as well PERVERT ;P
Sound: The speedy first song sounded so incredibly awesome and made me like that song for the first time ever, ALSO LSU's EVIL SONG was so ... evil, ALSO ALSO use of the clock voices that was both unexpected and awesome to hear, song showing them all in the forest was adventerous and cool sounding :D
Style: You are getting better and better with storylines, but when does this one finish may i ask, in other words when are the LSU's gone, or are they the from now on enemies? Also the whole way the fight scene took place so cool, especially GAWD's Swedish fish and the clock's ass kicking :o.
Interactivity: that game was really hard, but very fun, and it looks like the jumping may have taken a bit of effort to animate, looked ok, but was a welcome addition to the episode ^_^
Violence: a great fight scene, best one since episode 13, but that one was still the coolest of them all, but with how good this one went it is easily 2nd, also Zody commits so much violence due to that DREADFUL ICE CREAM, oh so sorrow and agony ... and what not.
Humor: One of the best, perfect use of swear words to make them funny "not like they'd come, at least until nightfall *they come in* ah DAMNIT" things like that made me laugh a lot, and made me like the episode even more, i like how brash and edgy you are getting as well, taking it to a new more explict way each time :o
Heh well until the next one is submitted as the IMP's are done (again 18 and 19 i did a while ago <3) 5/5 THE END

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yeah i forgot about the 18 and 19 reviews O_o
The pervert scnees where all written in bu zody..he even requesteda couple extra ones..myself I'm pretty embarresed by them and actually hate them O_o
Swedish fish is certainly quite popualir it seems :S
Yeah there was only one 3d efffect with the turning car..nothing special tough..
In sonic movie madness 2, which will be done within a month i hope, there will be more serious attempts at semi 3d..
About the Lsu, they were scripted to die all, but rule #1 in Roger movies..Dont kill off girls -_-
Dunno if they will return some time..In Zody's collection of pervert pics they sure are a lot ^_^;
thanks for the review! ^_^

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Credits & Info

3.85 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2004
2:42 PM EDT
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