Worms level 2

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OMG!! daily feature! thanks newgrounds!
edit: thank you so much for all the reviews! **turn quality to low if the game is slow**
game topic: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic.php?id=179341
Hi everybody! here is Worms level 2!! After a LOT of hours of work, i recoded everything, and now the code is better! No more bug(i think)! So please vote better than the first one!
New things added as you asked:
more than one weapon
random death(random falling worms parts..)
an intro
you can now customise your worm
no more bullet limits
the sun...
a better background
a kick ass music
and thats all!


WAY BETTER than worms 1

I LOVE this 1 and how you can change your wepons thats a good thing i get tired of the MAC 10....I died after the 1 minute reminder.

Good, but not as good as worms 1

Let's start with the things I liked about the first one: I liked the limited amount of bullets, which forced you to be careful with ammo and use the sword, I liked the fact that if you reload with bullets in your magazine, these would be lost, so you had to decide if you wanted to have a full mag now but run out later, or vice-versa. It helped to create the right atomoshpere and feeling.

When I loaded up the sequel I was hoping with more of the same, but with more weapons, locations and different types of enemies. Unfortunately, it looks like the man who made it took the easy option - cutting out completely the idea of having to save bullets and reloading - if your gonna make a game with infinite ammo at least have the decency to give the player the ability to reload. Bats are replaced with spiders and the background is very bland - take a look at the backgrounds in the thing-thing series - are they bland? You should do the same. I hope these problems are fixed for the sequel (if there is one)


Way better than the first and the first was good so, Great job, cant wait til the 3rd


Way better than the first one. *clicks subscribe* Nice job.

wonder what the boss is?

please make another i want to play more

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3.87 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2004
12:20 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily Feature September 30, 2004