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Dance Dance

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The first in a series of small flash animations that have been running around my head for months. I might do more. I might not. This one took 5 hours, and it has some mistakes. Fuck, i don't know what the order of the arrows is supposed to be. Here we take a look into the mystic world that is DDR...

heh, i seem to have angered some DDR fans... oh well.

Update: Now with an awesome disclaimer! Rock on!

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I was thinking the same thing after the nuke silo XD


pretty nice and the arrows are
Left, Down, Up, and Right in that order from left to right

overall nice movie

nice MJ sprite

The movie was a little bland...but still pretty good

Good enough

It was pretty good. Liked the use of Michael Jackson's Moonwalker sprites (that game was hilarious). The reason backgrounds are so random is because the Japanese (Japs) made it. And Japs think anything random is "so kawaii!" (so cute). Stupid Japs.