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Edit: Thanks for protecting this! I'll try and respond to all reviews ^_^

Yeah I guess you could consider this my first real Flash animation, took me about 4 days to make this, including planning and everything, but this is what I'll look back on in like a couple of years and laugh at I guess... should have made the movie area smaller since the animation is so basic but no point changing it now...

P.S. Yes that's my voice near the end!

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not bad

as first real flash animation go that was pretty good ^^

How the hell are ya, as the invasive say!.....?

Hey this is great! I already reviewed your other flash "stress to peace" and i cant help but notice that you keep saying that you have another flash coming out soon or something along those lines.
i just happen to be incredibly impatient so if you dont mind, could you possibly hurry up or something? well whatever im just being annoying.....

-"eagerly" awaiting your next flash,

S-K responds:

lol hey I remeber you! I apologise about the delay of my 3rd project (it's been pushed back so far a new version of flash came out before it was done... I mean... damn... @_@), college work is pretty intence right now, not giving me the time to put the rest of it together, but on the plus side they ARE giving me more ideas for more projects to showcase on here with a big amount of flash assignments ahead of me... finally... >.> The basic movie for project 3 has been complete since about December but I want to throw in some extras to make it that oooo so much better... your average newgrounder tends to love their extras after all... anywho thank you for the encouraging review ^_^



Happy memories...

Graphics: So-so, but decent animating.

Style: Fun in the sun setup. Starts like a loop, but ends in a very funny way.

Sound: The music fits the atmosphere perfectly. The angry yelling was very audible.

Violence: Man gets hit on head.

Interactivity: I don't normally put a high number here for animations, but the big buttons are better than text alone.

Humor: I first thought "Ok, this is a sucky loop." then the ball flys into the guy in the background.

Overall: Great work here. Doesn't start too slow, and the humor is right where it belongs. Reminds me of some of my situations in the past, but that is for another time. Great job.

S-K responds:

Ah good to see you reviewing both my movies! =) (a 3rd the likes of which Newgrounds has never seen before is on the way too btw)

Kind of funny story behind this 2nd movie, it was my first frame by frame 'proper' animation but some of it came from pre determined guidelines, I had to choose the story but the theme had to be to do with summer so yeah I covered that criteria...

As for the gag it was pretty much a case of "he's bouncing a ball... ok surely there must be a way to make this less boring... -_-"

The rest is history... probably another movie I'll come back to one day and remeber fondly. Thanks again for going to the effort of reviewing this too =)

not good...

Also I dont see why you just switched your entire opinion, your first flash "Stress to Peace" was great and moving, this just makes it look like "Stress to Peace" look like it was made by someone else, other then that it did have some humor in it...I didnt like the flash though

S-K responds:

Yeah you have a pretty valid point. I guess you could consider Stress to Peace to be more like my darkside or emoness or something =P Until I get struck with some great new idea or my skill improves, my next few movies will be more like this one though. It takes much more talent to make a good serious movie then a funny one, but at least this way i can have more fun while I practise

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3.29 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2004
6:02 PM EDT