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The $20,000 Zig

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I'm wearing protective gear incase the AYB police come calling. I made this one over 4 long weekends (yes, I have a job), and, to my knowledge, Bronson Pinchot (TV's Balki) is still without an upcoming project. Pray with me....

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I can still remember seeing this back when it was new on Newgrounds when I was a kid. haha And still, after all this time, "I am having many love for blue man! I say cuchi-cuchi too!" This flash still gives me a few laughs. haha

All your comments still belong us to 13 yeas late r

u where to say all ur base are belong to us NOT

all ur smurf now belong to smurf papa!!!!!

Very funny

The best thing about this was how good the animation was. I am amazed that this was made as far back as 2001 as it still holds up to today. You really worked hard to make sure that everyone appears in character. That seems to be just the way Papa Smurf would react to this. It's interesting to see a submission that didn't have a song in it. There's just so much going on in this cartoon like how his pencil just flies around.

I guess I'm not the only one who remembers Balki from "Perfect Strangers". Everything was quite random and non-sequitor in this, just like it should be. It must be pretty easy to understand Smurf when you get to it. This is probably the most animated I have ever seen of the cast of the "All Your Base" meme. May it always be remembered.

Great stuff

Just an awesome clumping of so much randomness. Great accuracy in the subtitle text too! (Not just some white Times New Roman put in at the last minute for hearing impaired)

Love playing with the "Pancake House Productions" screen too XD