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StarFox2 Mock Trailer

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The movie is huge... and it has no preloader... Damnit.
I should have thought about that before I uploaded it.
If it causes a problem, I can fix it. Until then, you can right click it, turn off play, then hit rewind, and wait.
EDIT- I'm getting negative responses for what people think are humans in the movie. Those aren’t necessarily humans. The only thing that suggests they’re humans is their body shape. They could be aliens. Who knows? At the time this was made, no enemy had been confirmed. I figured I could make some enemies that would kind of look like alien Special Forces, but their actual race would be ambiguous.
Okay. I made this last year. It was my first work in flash and it was for my digital animation class. Before this, I had only dreamed of using this program. Apparently, my aspirations were greater than Flash’s limitations. Anyway, those of you who know me know I worship Fox McCloud with all my being, so for our first assignment, I decided to make this in celebration of another StarFox game. Now, it’s my first ever work, so there are problems. I used an INSANE amount of gradients, so unless your computer is upgraded to run Doom 3 on the highest settings, I’d suggest turning down the quality. There are repeated instances of characters. Why? I had to cut corners, which I despise, in order to get this handed in on time. The replay button doesn’t work, don’t ask why. The characters are very stiff. I took a long time to draw them, and wasn’t keen on how hard it is to animate detailed characters. I did get Fox’s head to turn and look 3d though. The file size is BIG, and I even castrated the sound quality. I STILL don’t know how to optimize my movies well.
I intend to finish this, as I had much more planned, and fix the mistakes and cut corners, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. We’re working on a number of things here, so it will get done eventually. Until then, I thought it would be fun to find a place to get feedback on my very first flash work, as I’ve never had this uploaded anywhere before, or shown to anyone besides my classmates. Actually, Onslaught forced me to upload this. Check out our upcoming comic strip and games! Feel free to talk to me about Star Fox or whatever... So yeah... enjoy.

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I must say, this was an awesome video. I thought it was CGI, but then I found out that it was all drawn..jeez, that must have took forever. I think you did a great job on this! If you make any more star fox stuff, I'd love to watch any of them