Us Dudes 2:Quest for Plot

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its a bit short i know, the audio is a lil bad but better at the same time, no weird feedback noise atleast. please let me know how you feel about the cartoon in a non abusive way



Newgrounds needs more people like you who appreciate humor and aren't overly critical about animation quality. I'm tired of biased bastards blamming good stuff and keeping absolute crap on here because it looks good.
I'm new here...
...but I want change...
...mostly quarters...

JoltMasta responds:

well i only got nickels and dimes... looks like your getting more change then you asked for... punk -Clint Eastwood,Convienance Store On The Edge, 2009

this is a hard one

This is something that is hard to review.
Graphics (or craphics) were horrible, but sometimes I think it was the idea, so it was okay and funny. Voice acting was fine, but some of those voice clips from movies, or somewhere were a bit annoying. The story was somekind of.. monty python stylish non-story was okay, a bit used, but okay. The jokes in the movie was funny.. really funny actually.
"Well you can't help either because you're bla.." lol :D
GJ, now if you really would make an animation with really awesome graphics it would be great.

JoltMasta responds:

yea i wasnt going for the visual eye candy, just wanted to be funny. itd be great if there was an animator who'd use my script but why anyone do hard work on someone elses idea? doesnt happen without money. but thanks for understanding the content of my work and thanks for leaving unbiased constructive criticism. ^_^ Us Dudes 3 comming soon. dont miss that

HAHA Nice Shit Derrek!

Not Bad! Lol loved the parts making fun of Peter! Also the inclusion of his email was fukin hilarious. Much better than mildly random funnys! These Newground people are fukin stupid they need to learn whats good is good not because NG Crew put it on the frontpage! GO LOCAL FLASH!

JoltMasta responds:

the third one will make the most sense outta the 3 and peter will be doing his own voice. isnt that awesome?

Completely random, yet strangely amusing...hmm.

I thought it was really funny, all satirical and such with the plot. I laughed.

The graphics are a bit lacking, however, but I guess that kinda adds to the humor of it.

Overall, not a bad movie. I liked it.

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JoltMasta responds:



it was random and i like random stuff go wit it man

JoltMasta responds:

random is the shit! ah so hows it goin

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2.18 / 5.00

Sep 20, 2004
3:20 PM EDT
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