The AntiClockClock Show 2

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The AntiClockClock Show! Featuring ACC's favorite reviews from "Jedi In Training"!

I wasn't planning on making a sequal but since it was in popular demand and I got some more funny reviews, I bring you episode 2! Enjoy!

(This episode was inspired by David Firth - Salad Fingers - I LOVE SALAD FINGERS!)


Nothing new...

Generally i dont like this... Becuse it is only some whining about bad revies..

Part 1 was little bit funny... but this.. not even near of being funny...

But keep working.. many other people like these things..

9/10: subperb

That was really good and for a second there, I thought it was just going to be a another clock movie. Don't get me wrong, but clocks are really getting stale now, actually, their just plain rotten now. Rarely do I find an actual good clock movie, but this one is exceptional. I liked how you 1st off mimiced salad fingers. Which was nicely done and fitting because that's what everyone seems to be raving about. 2ndly, I thought the oxymoron anticlock clock responded to those reviews in a witty and clever way. It seemed he had every good comeback to each of the responces. I almost felt like saying burrrn or zing, but then realize I would be talking to myself. The graphics...I mean animation...was excellent and fitting. The sound was hilarious when he made that disgruntled, crackled laugh. That was the most bizzare thing I have ever heard ever. Also the inclusion of the video of all those star wars fans beating the crap out of each other with rubber or noodles was funny too. It just shows how some people can be dorks in real life, but aren't we all just a little bit too? This was entertain, for all of 6 min, to listen to rather then to watch, but I guess that is why it is a talk show.
4/5 rating: the laugh is mocking me :P

AntiClockClock responds:

Thanks for that review, I am glad to know there are some intelligent people on NG. You put true thought in your review. Thank You!

Don't ask me for alms!

Don't ask me for ah-ah-alms!


If only clock crew members could submit something good. Now they've resorted to making movies about how other people make fun of the clock crew. The only thing I got out of that piece of crap was that a lot of people think you suck. (GO EVERYONE EXCEPT CLOCK CREW MEMBERS. (Clock cre votes for their own movies [which is the only reason they stay on NG])

AntiClockClock responds:

It seems to never fail... I always get some total idiot to assume I am in the clock crew and give me shitty scores because they are prejudice pieces of shit. I am in NO part of the clock crew. Damn noob.


Clocks need to go, talent should never be wasted on this crap, eyes should not be wasted on this crap, time should not be wasted on this crap. I could go on but in the end it remains the same. My advice: Start fresh and come up with a new angle, better your animation and art, and finally end this clock B.S. for good. Of couse you probably wont take my advice so I will remain blaming anything clock related. My score only goes up your movies do not.

AntiClockClock responds:

Not only are you a noob but you like sprite movies... and what the fuck are you talking about blamming anything clock related and your scores go up? You have NO submissions and if your going to be a retard blamming anything by a specific group of people because you are a prejudice bastard, maybe you should be banned from NG. Oh and if you had a couple brain cells in your head you would realise ANTI means AGAINST.. So AntiClockClock = Against Clocks. I am friends with some but I am not WITH them.

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3.37 / 5.00

Sep 11, 2004
10:12 PM EDT
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