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Clocks - Eps.2-1

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Author Comments

It's back! I decided to make another episode. due to sound troubles I had to cut it into 2 parts. this is part 1. go straight to the second one after this.
By the way this episode is quite weird.
Enjoy and review

Here is a link to the second part:

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could be better...

it could be so much better, if you :

A) got rid of the clocks, it may well be your "thing" but come on, clocks on a toilet roll with arms and legs, thats not funny...
B) Speeded it up a little, i would say 5 extra frames per-second...
C) get rid of the opening dialogue, you could shove that at the end, its not all that funny, if its even ment to be funny that is...it is a disclaimer, and they belong in the end credits not the opening credits.

that said i liked it and look forward to episode 2...which will be faster...i hope....


((( FUNNY )))

Haha well its funny, and is like clerks, abit much on the intro with the text though, still made me laugh, may wasnt to speed up the animation for a better flowing film...



let's see...

clock peolpe... check!

sucky movie... check!

stupid cloxks in the movie... check!

clocl crew humor... ????? it was supposed to be funny!?!?!? well I'll be damed but I didn't notice


let's see...

clock crew people... check!

Clock crew synthesized voices... check!

clock crew humor... check!

Really funny slown-down disclaimer guy... check!

looks good here. ran smoothly as well. now on to part 2!


But, aside from that... I have no protest to make. Yes.

But anyway, speaking of that... your intro took quite awhile to get outta the way on my comp. After the voice stopped reading each disclaimer bit, it took more than twice as long for it to move on... either you were allowing WAY too much leeway for the slow readers out there... or it's my comp. heh.

On with teh Clocks... Already reviewed the first one on Clock Day 2004, so it's been established that I likey teh clock clerks. The actions and activities and so forths of this particular ep-half were okay. Batman/Robin.... heh... and Batman speaks without clockspeakness. Fascinating. Entertaining journey across the rooftops and through teh battle scene and all. And... whee. On to 2, then. :::loads it up:::

ToiletRollClock responds:

No offence but I think it might be your computer that slowed it down. This toon runs at 50fps. Thx for the nice review ^^

Credits & Info

3.90 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2004
8:17 AM EDT