Ray - Part 2

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Welcome to Ray part 2.

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・Has a Short Opening movie.
・Like Part 1, Has Scene Selector on Title.
・Has many Selections in game.
・Unlike Part1, You Can Show Subtitles on Options.
・Like Part1, Stories are nice.
・This game Has minigame in Story, and You Can Skip them.

When I was a kid and the only PC games I knew existed were flash games I used to only play this when my parents weren't around because I thought I would get in trouble.


Safehouse > Eletrocheech

A) Skip Mini Game (4)
B) Continue > Give In (2)
C) Continue > Continue any amount of times > Give In (1)

Apparently Jose will be on a boat tomorrow night, a boat full of

cops on the other side of town. Since you have alot of time, you

can drive there and get yourself ready. Luckily Cheech's uniform

is a perfect fit, so you'll be able to get on board easier. All

you need to do now is figure out how you're going to kill Jose.

A) Explosives ($1500)
A.A) The Docks
A.B) Dive
B) Knife and Fibre Wire ($250, Dive)
C) MP5 ($5000)
A.A) The Docks
A.B) Dive

Mission One: To Kill a Cop

(If The Docks)

A) Cheech sent me!
A.A) Sandravel (return to Dive)
A.B) Rodriguez (return to Dive)
A.C) Sandoval (1, skip Dive)
A.D) Andreas (return to Dive)
B) Um... I forgot it.. (return to Dive)

(If Dive) It's best to use this little platform to get where you

want, but there's a guy fishing here.

A) Give the fish some brain food of there own (2)
B) Put him to sleep (1)

(If Knife and Fibre Wire) (1)
(If MP5) (1)

Mission Complete

(If Explosives) (3)
(If Knife and Fibre Wire) (2)
(If MP5) (1)

* MP5 path

Mission Two: Columbian Crap

The Dealer wants the money you've brought with you.

A) First I want the drugs, then you get the money (1)
B) Here you go! (fail)
C) It seems like a trap, waste-em. (2)

Now this deal seems really suspicious. He told you to go to the

covered part of the car park, that's most likely where you can

make the deal for the drugs.

Car Park Shootout

A) Skip Mini Game
B) Continue

One Shot, One Kill

A) Skip Mini Game
B) Continue

The deal didn't go down and you need to get the drugs. This guy

might be your only lead.

A) Gun in wound!
A.A) Fuck it. Pop him. (4)
A.B) Ask him where you can find the drugs (1)
B) Blow him away (4)

A Map in the car better located where you could get the drugs.

How do you want to get past the guard?

A) Empty a few shells into him (2)
B) Crack him in the face (1)

You still need to find out where the drugs are. From what you

heard, that guy out back knows where they would be. First you

need to get rid of this guy.

A) Stab the fuck out of him (1)
B) Decapitale him (2)

Then this is it. You don't need him anymore

A) Let him slip out of here (2)
B) Sorry buddy... (1)

Mission Three: Repo Man

It lokks like someone's climbing down the side of the cliff. Your

objective is at the bottom of it. You can either walk around or

find another way to get there.

A) Cut the rope and absail down (2)
B) Absail down
B.A) Strangle him to death (1)
B.B) Blow his brains out (3)
C) Jump off and hope for the best (fail)

That guard over there has a snow mobile you could use to get to

your objective quicker. What do you want to do?

A) Blow his brains out with his own gun (1)
B) Tie the back of his sled to the a tree (3)

To get inside the facility you need and ID scan to open the

security doors.

A) Scan your index finger.
B) Cut the guard's finger off and use it

Downstairs in the lockup. Now what?

A) Shoot him (1)
B) Put him to sleep (2)

Rank 1 - 12: Ray
Rank 13 - 15: A Hitman
Rank 16 - 19: Like Mike
Rank 20 - 25: The 9 - 5 man
Rank 26 - 27: Useless
Rank 28 - 29: A Fucking Gimp

One of the best.

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4.69 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2004
5:00 AM EDT
Adventure - Other
  • Daily Feature September 5, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place September 7, 2004