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YAAFM 9: Michael Moore

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PLEASE READ!: For my note to all negative replies and UNJUST ZERO SCORES... please check out http://www.zipperfish.com/free/yaafm9-note.html OK... now that that's out of the way... YAAFM's triumphant return features Michael Moore. Yes, ALL the quotes are real. More animation in this one. Hope you enjoy.


the people who hate m.moore are idiots

the people who hate m.moore are idiots (they are classical americans:they belive everything there goverment tells them and think that america is the best place to live i dont live there but ive been there and guas what: IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!)
PS:the guy who made this should make a bush version (saying bush is an idiot-which he is-)


A great deal was taken out of context here.

Plus these guys are corporate slaves for pr0n sites, how can I take them seriously even when they've done what appears to be no more research than collecting quotes and anti-Moore tidbits?

Oooh, a snail holding up witty signs.
It's also ironic that hell would be opposed to Moore.

I'm not saying that this cartoon didn't do its job in defaming Moore, they did get off a good one about the black Eviction Officer.

Though they won't read this, try doing more research, fucking morons who rant about fucking morons.

Micheal Moore is a moron

Micheal Moore Is a moron..


I'm speach less, make mo(o)re.....

Excellent as always.

I think this is excellent and I'd like to tell all the liberal self important pricks who are knocking it b/c they DO NOT LIKE WHAT IT SAYS to get the hell out of the USA if they don't like it here. Just because your assfuking hero just got his shit packed for him with his own quotes don't be pissy about it. Realize that he was insulting YOU! stoopid. If your an American and you think his statements of how stoopid you are aren't directed at you, YOU ARE THE PEOPLE HE'S TALKING ABOUT! you don't have to agree with anyone but you don't have to attempt to ruin this guys good rep b/c you are a Michael Moore supporter.

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Aug 30, 2004
3:39 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody