TTA Episode 001

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-BTW, almost every character in this series is based on a real user, sorry to say this is NOT based on a real RPG. Yes, that was GC in the review.

This movie is the first episode of a fanfiction story I wrote a long time ago, called "TTA". The main characters are myself, my real world best friend and many of the great people I''ve met on the internet in the past. I hope you enjoy this series as much as they did. This is only the first episode, there will soon be a LOT more to come! Fight scenes, drama, a little romance and everything you could want in an anime, TTA is for you! Especially those who are fans of Megaman.EXE and .hack//


Nice story and well done but, i found a hole

If this is a Virtual Reality and people are actually INSIDE the internet walking into forums then wouldn't everyone SPEAK to each other instead of type to each other?
I'm referring to the instance where BlingBling and Raccoon were speaking to each other. Weren't they actually SPEAKING to each other? And then also further when Flames was introduced.

To me Virtual Reality = Artificial Presence

meaning you'd be standing next to someone and talking to them as an entity that you create in a completely different world and reality.

So my question is: Could you clarify what exactly is this "Virtual Reality" that you've set up for your series?


Well, well, well... I really didn't expect you to make a TTA Flash this early. But I'm glad you did; cause it was a lot better than I expected. Can't wait to see more. And keep up the good work, old friend!

PS: For any one who cares; I'm GC.

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I like it

I like it especially since i'm a newbie myself

Nice Opening to this nice series!

Nice and original movie!

By the way, you had doubts about spelling a certain word...well it's 'etiquette'. Hope that helps.

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Your on your way Kerb.

May not be good as the ones to come.

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4.21 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2004
3:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Original