Das Produkt

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Kol-Belov hergestellt:
Music Video "Das Produkt"
[Russian noise group]
Song language: Russian



This is very unique.


i fucking love all of his movies.. especially this one because its the hardest to unerstand

haha whoah

this is so fucking cool. sooo...the guy wants the pill so he gets the lil' paper tag, finds the people with the designs on them, goes to the place where he is fed the brains of an egyptian pharoah, then he shits out the pill? cool. i agree, you could take this to a film festival and make some mad stacks o' cash. by the way, what language is this in? Dutch? watev it is i cant speak it so it took me a while to figure out wat the button to click. it sounds supa cool (the song i mean). u are awesome at tween. you are the tween queen. (or king but queen rymes better)

Pure art.

The animation can't be criticized as it has its own original style that is executed consequently. Especially the transitions are done very well and show real artistic talent. The background music also fits perfectly and altogether this flash here is a slightly disturbing but also very interesting piece of art.
As a native German I wonder why the poster in the start menu is written in German and contains grammatical mistakes... The first phrase until the name of the group is conjugated wrongly and the last word "Hergestellt" doesn't make any sense regarding the possible content of the sentence and the correct grammatical order.

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I am a huge fan of your work and had you as my favorite author for a long time, but then when I saw your video of shoving your hand up a cats ass, I had to let you go. I love the stuff you do, and I hope to see more soon. You have the most unblievable style of anyone here at NG. I applaude you.

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4.39 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2004
2:04 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 5th Place August 23, 2004