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DragonBall CG Ep1

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Author Comments

Its a normal day around Kame House until, Jeice and Burter are revived due to Dragon Ball GT stupidity. They meet up with Spopovich and decide to go to Kame house. So get with the program HAHAHA! Anyway enjoy this DBZ parody.

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why does vegeta sound like a rapist and goku and trunks sound like cowards

The kid looks like Dodoria. Actually, Jeice and Burter were revived in "Dragonball GT". We just saw a bunch of villains fly away from Hell very briefly. Again, DBGT stupidity. Dang, Is That OK was the original over 9000. I'd like to see this again.

I always kind of thought Android 16 looked more like Recoome. I admit the animation here could be better. It still has some nice jokes. The voices could probably be a bit better too. "Dragonball Super" is much better.

Awesome work man! Brings back memories.

vegeta:is that ok
tien:as a matter of fact it isn't
dragon ball z line

LOL!!! This is funny