Batman Lives

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If you haven't already watched it, stop reading this and watch it already!

done that? good..

I just wanna say that Batsy kicks ass and if I've accidentally upset any of the fanboys out there then I am truly, deeply....not bothered about it

now go watch my others!

-Harry loves you


Pure class.

great artwork, nice animation, clean sound. I do declare that I like it...


So fricken halarious!

Poor Batman...

Awesome graphics, dark and dramatic and wonderful! Like a professional animation job!

... But poor Batman... LOL

Hehe hilarious!

Hey Happy Harry,

Gosh * gasp* your graphics are very very good. I feel like an amateur next to you in that...well I haven't done animation very long but anyhoos.

Batman falling off caught me by surprise but I upsolutely loved it. and the music was great as well. Tell me how do you achieve the camera effects? do you just zoom in and out and shift the screen left and right with a mask?

Anyway, well done!

HappyHarry responds:

Holy eggplants Batman, what a nice person.

First of all let me thank you for the swolen ego, it'll take hours for that to deflate..anywanyway, as you asked.

The semi-3D effect was created by an age old technique of shifting several different layers against eachother. The closer an object is to the eye, the bigger it will appear (duh) and the faster it will move. For example as we float across the city scape the nearby buildings move by pretty quick, where as the ones in the background move very slowly, if at all. I gave every different building its own layer and just simply motion tweened it across the work area. It also helps if you remember that stuff in the background will always be less prominent compared to that of the foreground, so use either thinner lines or lighter coulours etc to make the background look a little more distant. And as for not doing animation for very long, well...its the same story here, Im 17 and have been at it for about a year, slowly but surely though, its coming together.

Glad you liked it, thanks for the great review, hope I could help

and remember

-Harry loves you


Batman Fell Funny

HappyHarry responds:

Wait a sec, did you mean 'Batman Fell, funny' because if you were just retelling me the entire plot there's really no point, as I made it...But if you meant 'Batman fell funny' as in he fell from the ledge in an awkward manner, I think you'd look pretty awkward if you fell off a 900 story building onto a tazi bonnet...

yes that's right 900 stories

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3.88 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2004
12:13 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody