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Clock Crew fighting game, with 8 characters plus Boss. This game was rushed out the door so it can make Clock Day, so it's missing the Versus and Survival modes, which will be added over the next couple of weeks, as well as more moves, bug fixes, etc.

Left/Right - Left/Right
Up - Jump
Down - Crouch
N - Punch
M - Kick

NEW! Game can be downloaded from Cableshaft's website!

More moves can be found on the character select screen. If you want higher quality graphics, go to the options screen.

Happy Clock Day!


hate the controls

although the presentation is nice, the terrible controls and lack of speed don't make it much of a game.

Nice game.

Graphics - 8

The graphics were very nice in this game, and though they could have been just a little bit better, they were done very well and work superbly.

Style - 8

Great fighting game. I loved the selection of characters and moves, although it would have been nice to have a drop-down menu of sorts so you could see the moves available in-game, as opposed to remembering them beforehand. Written out sound effects (WTF!) also added a nice effect.

Sound - 7

The sound effects were kind of repetetive, but the music was good and nothing there bothered me too much.

Violence - 5

Nothing too horrible or interesting here. There is some violence obviously, it being a fighting game, but nothing too gruesome.

Interactivity - 8

This one pretty much explains itself.

Humor - 7

This game is an example of a very well done fighting game with a great sense of humor. Moves and characters were creative and funny, and it didn't get boring, as sometimes happens in fighting games.

Overall - 9

There were some things that could have been a little smoother (getting up took much longer than necessary, moves had to be memorized beforehand) but overall a very good game.

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Happy Clock Day 2004! (60)

wheee... huge dimensions. Nice custom preloader... and groovy title screen. Now, to the game itself:

The Knight, Biological, Arctic, Orange, Strawberry, Archon, Munglai, blackmagic character intros, animations, and details + special attacks... hell, that was kick-ass enough by itself. I pick.... Orange! and then... Knight!

It was fun, but the energy meter was really frustrating. Getting it refilled, that is. Plus, getting knocked down was a slow process to recover from. Both of these are probably due to my old computer, but I wish I could experience the game with less lagginess. Still, it was fun, and you provided a nice variety of backgrounds and characters. Good job!

Happy Belated Clock Day 2004!

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Great game!

Really fun. Nice idea & great graphics as well as gameplay & moves. I look forward to the improvments that you're making on the game. I also like the opening character selection screen, very cool.

cableshaft responds:

I also like the opening character selection screen. A lot. Munglai impressed the hell out of me the day he sent me that screen.

Really amazing

The art and animation were superb. Great job on that MC. I hope ever Clock Day will be accompanied by an amazing game from Cableshaft. It's a winner in my book.

cableshaft responds:

I'd be a nice tradition to keep, but I wouldn't expect them to be big projects anymore. Next year you'll probably see a game that can be made in a few weeks of casual coding, not a game that takes months of intense coding sessions.

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3.63 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
10:15 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS
  • Daily 3rd Place August 17, 2004