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its good

the game is good but it glitched twice when i was playing it. in both times, i hit 2 ppl and a cow. then game froze.

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LordoftheDark responds:

very irritating problem, im busy to solve the prob now...

It was fun!

It just needed some more levels. Otherwise very fun! :)

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LordoftheDark responds:

yea first i didn't make much lvls chause i didnt knew if it would survive the portal but in the next will be lots o lvls

Pretty good

This was a fun time waster. You could improve the next one by adding more levels, or maybe a health bar for how long people can hang on for. Perhaps heavier people or vechichles could have higher tolorence? Keep it in mind.

P.S. Good use of Drowning Pool, even though it was a cover version.

LordoftheDark responds:

that is a REALLY good idea, tnx man!!

Nice first submission!

But you should make more levels.
And make more options, and special weapons (like a shield that causes that the people can just run trough without the tornado hitting them for about 10 seconds.
That kind of stuff. But good job anyway.
2/5 Keep em Comming

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LordoftheDark responds:

ke tnx

like the music

why are the ppl running towards a tornado anyways?

LordoftheDark responds:

bechause the run straigh down, dump ass

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Credits & Info

2.64 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
11:52 AM EDT
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