Childhood Mishaps ep.3

August 6, 2004 –
October 1, 2018
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

This is a special Christmas story. Special appearances by Deltron and Walter Sobechak! Enjoy! 3 more episodes till' the epic conclusion!



This is a very odd series you've got here....their voices creep me out. But I like when he throws things down how they explode....and the floating David Duchovney(sp?) head is hilarious! Also....his dad is black? That was funny.

Meh... it wasn't anythin' I haven't seen before

Meh...it wasn't anythin' I haven't seen before


this was the worst one because the others were kinda tripy, but this one was just about the movie they live. this one lacked originality.


Genius, pure genius, if I had undescended testicles, this movie would make them drop... I love you, in a plutonic and non gay way... o.O

pretty good

This is the first episode I have ever seen. I thought it was pretty good though, I think I'll check out the rest.



<deleted> responds:

Thanks! ATHF 4 EVA.


It was ok, sorta funny, ill give you a score of 3.

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There was no cameo by Walter Sobechak!

<deleted> responds:

Yes there is. In the story scene.

very absent

stupid children not knowing to save us

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the best of them all keep it up mastershaked..

<deleted> responds:

Thanks bro. Don't worry, ep.4 is on the way!


ep 1 was good ,2 was really trippy and 3 i did'nt understand but i love them all any chance please please do some more

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Thank you very much!


i dont get it

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Lol wtf!!!!!

very strange but pretty cool story unique in its own way.
Keep it up ;)

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Good humor

Good humor and I like how you have it planned out exactly how many series you'd like to do, a lot of flashes on this site are just thrown together and "maybe" have a sequel in mind, maybe not. Ruins a lot of the gameplan.

Also I would like to know, what is the movie called that the guy finds the sunglasses and can see subliminal messages? I know it as well but cannot remember the name for the life of me, and it's bugging me now :(

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, I dont want to give anything away! I would have emailed it to you but you have no profile! Anyhow thanks for the good review!


I get the humor. For anyone ignorant enough to not watch old movies, the part where he can see the sign that says "Obey" is from a movie whos name I cannot remember, where a man finds a case of sunglasses that reveal all of the subliminal messages in the world, True Sight, if you will. ^_^

<deleted> responds:

Bravo sir, but let's keep all the references on the down low! They all add up to the surprise finale!


This was really lame, not only did you mention ATHF throughout the cartoon, (oh and your username) you just tried to copy the type of comedy that is used in the show, and failed, the whole explosion thing, happens when ever Master shake throws something. and the father was frylock. It wasn't funny. and it was awful looking. why the hell is the score so frigging high?

<deleted> responds:

#1, The father was NOT in any way frylock!
#2 I write the jokes myself and do not emulate ATHF.
#3 The jokes are geared for older people(20s or so), so most kiddies don't get them(thats how I like it).
#4 You not understanding why the score is high proves to me that you sir are either uneducated, or not very old.
If I was emulating ATHF, it would be alot different. The one thing you DID get right is that the explosion thing is from shake, my hero! GOOD DAY!


Didnt like it

<deleted> responds:

Don't worry, I wrote them so that only a select few will fully understand them (there are NO inside jokes here). Due to the depth of your review, I can’t ascertain what you didn't like about it. Sorry, maybe you'll like ep. 4? Peace.

The rehash...it's everywhere!

I watched this over and over, but I can't get it out of my head: The rehash is everywhere. The repeated sounds, the cutting and pasting of pictures and such. The flash parts that you yourself did are pretty okay, but you still need to cut it out with the cutouts(It's a joke, ha-ha-ha.).

<deleted> responds:

I hope you got some of the jokes! I try to make to jokes kinda hard to get. I just got sick of the mindless comedy that I see here all the time(although sometimes good), so this series is kinda a tribute to that. I rufuse to explain anything till' the very end! Hope you like the next one better!

why did i rate this?

it was good until he broke the glasses and finished the episode. when he broke them, it started to suck. what a nice story it could have been, and you just flushed it down the drain... how sad...

<deleted> responds:

There are three episodes left, and the story has already begun to unfold(have you seen the others?). Geez, some people are so impatient!


I went for the gamble and I gave this a 2 and it worked.Whoever made this,thanx for the Protect point

<deleted> responds:

your kind sickens me.


i love this series!! hehehe. but i really didnt get the ending to this ep.
i mean, he breaks the glasses, then his dad sais to his mum "whats wrong?" well sir, i dun get it! :S :S :S!! hehehe
neways, once again, the graphics were good, as was the animation.
sound effects were great, and the music was also good.
so another very funny episode, keep it up mate.
overall score: 7/10

<deleted> responds:

Just hang in there till' the end, you'll see whats up! Thanks for another great review!


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