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The Bard's Song

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A simple storyteller sings his favorite song. I really hope y'all like this one. This took me about a week to make. Enjoy! --Charlie ^_^

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Really hope this gets a bump from Arin mentioning it. Newgrounds has been putting out some great content the past few years, like those collabs FF7 and DBZ and Smash

A classic. This is one of the videos that got me into Blind Guardian and I'm glad to have found this again!

I don't know if you are still attached to this account, but this was my first song I heard of Blind Guardian, and I want to thank you for making this. it was the start of a great journey of discovery.

This was so well done. It was very very dramatic and somewhat forlorning. It had me nearly shedding tears it was so well sung and a tale of drama. :) VERY NICE! Just wish it was more animated.

I remember watching this almost 20 years ago now still love it but now i feel extremely old :/ also not that this is relevant but this is the first review for this in 2018 :P