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Pay attention to the sign o.O

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guy below me

stop riding this guys nuts....yo author it could've been better

last two

the last two reviews where by kids who never exerianced sonic the hedgehog and if they did they are retards or worse but meh I get the joke :) 5 out of 5 and 10 out of 10 great use of characters and funny use of gaming experiance


um....the graphics were kind of nice.....


sprits are boaring

Bubbowrap responds:


Meh, ah well..my next movie is gonna be drawn though =O

Finally, you submit the a damn flash to newgrounds

This is ... *ahem "Pentium's" pal, Jake postin a reveiw. I thought it was pretty good, JJ...i mean... mysticfire... i mean... pentium XP

anyway, try making it longer next time. Other then that, it was pretty good.

Bubbowrap responds:

Heh, yeah, but wait till you see my next movie =O

OH..and it's JJ...no wait, mysticfire... I mean Pentium...lol