Underrated and Overrated

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This film is about the underrated films and the overrated films in the portal. It is not meant to cause offense, yet itprobably will. Im sorry if I have offended anybody but that wasn't intended. This was made to try to show to people what I thought of the current state of the top 50. Now please watch it till the end, as I would like that. Thatnk You and try to read everything.

And again ... sorry to cause any offense.


And Overrated Artist Orgy was blammed?

Wow, I can tell that from the movies you chose this was obviously an old movie, because the Aqua Life series is missing.

I would have liked this more if you actually revealed these movies as the utter crap they are in some funny or even more intelligent way, instead of halfheartedly misspelling and abbreviating words. Also, way to jack off to yourself, what with you blatantly calling one of your OWN movies good (Or in this case, underrated).

No shame

If you're going to have an opinion, don't apologize for it. It makes you look flaky. And be more careful of the timings in the film, some things went by too fast, and I read quickly to begin with. -- Sanna

To each his own

I’ve seen some of those that you mentioned, more specifically FF Gaiden. I can’t say I agree with you on that one but as for the rest I can’t give you an opinion about them since I’ve never seen those before and it wouldn’t be right for me to say something about what I don’t even know anything about. Maybe you’re wrong or maybe you’re right about the others, but in the end of the day it’s all about differences of opinion.

bit more effort

Maybe you should have actually put a bit of work into this. maybe a game where you kill the creators of these overrated swf's. And where the hell do u live anyways?

Schabe responds:

A shithole, called Burnley, inear Manchester in the UK, it's had shitloads of riots, especially about recism, bad place to live.

Dont be afraid

We know that this is your opinion, by saying that you don't mean to offend anyone makes your statement seem weaker. Just say what you feel and if they get mad, good. its just bringing more attention to what you think.. which by the way others think too.

Schabe responds:

it snot that im afraid ... it's that I don't like to get a bad reputation about being a complete asshole. Youll understand when u have lived where I have.

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May 19, 2001
5:19 PM EDT
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