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Ctrl + Z

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Author Comments

EDIT: Thanks for the reviews so far, keep 'em coming, I will keep replying!
Ctrl + Z: In the computer world, pressing these two buttons at the same time will undo an action.

A young boy receives a brand-new computer as a birthday gift, but there's one oddity: he inherits a keyboard that people say is enchanted.

Watch and vote please, and PLEASE WRITE REVIEWS, FOR I WILL REPLY!

Thank you! :) Hope you enjoy my movie.

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I thought the idea would be explored more.

It was a great idea, but I feel you could have explored it more, or done so with a bit more flair.

Your comments kinda gave the entire story away - I was hoping to see the possibilities of a real-world undo explored. Maybe time travelling, maybe he'd go back to yesterday and jokes would ensue... I can't think of many cool ideas off the top of my head, but I'm sure you could if you sat and had a long think about it.

I can see you were going for a quick punchline, but the comments and the slow narration and spinning keyboard made me think it'd be a longer story, leaving me disappointed.

The graphics were okay. You could have drawn in the mum/dad. I wasn't sure who was talking - in the first fram, I first thought someone inside the box was talking.

When things disappear, you could have had them tween out - maybe reducing their alpha value. That would kinda make the events more visual.

The audio was all pretty clear and the idea was cool, though.


I liked the flash, but try using a more distinct art style next time. Make the brush thicker, so on and so forth. Also, try and make the mouth have a different circle for each letter, that way you can get the voices right on. Helpful critisicm. (I hope.) I enjoyed the flash, make more.

Instinkt responds:

Yup. Helpful criticism indeed. I'm working on some stuff now which I can hopefully submit soon. Thanks for the review.


I dunno what those random logos were for, but they're a good choice. I got the tool album in the pc right now!!!

Instinkt responds:

Nice. Watching CTRL + Z while stoned is obviously pretty cool.


This was pretty damn funny. But I think it would be better if it were more HYPER..Does that make sense? You have the best fucking ideas man. I mean, a dude gets a comqrap computer and his mom gives him a freaking old ass yellow keyboard..ahaha. What really bugs me in your flash is the complete silence and then a split second of static before the talking starts. you should get a better microphone or recording software. Addthat and better sound effects and voice acting and stuff. It would be AWESOME!!

You have some really great ideas man, I've watched your other animation. It's good too. Just work a little on taht stuff . It would be cooler if it were faster, too.

Just a thouht :)


Instinkt responds:

Thanks for the review. People are still watching this? I wonder how you even find it.


Its the best flash movie i watched ^_^
Do you have MSN ?
How many frames ?
How many layers ?

Instinkt responds:

How come I got a 3 though? :P Wow, I wonder how low you rate the ones you don't like. Does Newgrounds even have a -304935 rating?

Credits & Info

3.28 / 5.00

Jul 28, 2004
7:37 PM EDT