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Learn how to make a preloader plz i hate waiting to see the movie over to see better

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I actually don't mind that this was very bare bones, just the white text and black background, even if the gradation button looked kinda bad. My only problem is that the tutorial is wrong. You don't need ot make an extra scene for a preloader (or really anything in flash). You also use not instead of now in a couple spots, which completely inverts what you're trying to say and makes me utterly lost as to which way to do anything.

A good tutorial

I thought this was a good tut, could use abit more color but it was still good and seems helpful, nice job

Add some color

A good helpfull tutorial



I cant even see most of the words, because instead of using a background layer with your white text, you've used autobackground which does not work on all bros=wsers, so all I can see is the next button and some red text at the end. Not to mention that if this was supposed to be a tutorial, where are the pictures? And why is someone who doesn't even know better than to use autobackground trying to teach other people about how to use flash, sorry to be harsh, but I'm just being honest. I'll give you a star for trying though.

Apparently some people can't read?

I may be one of the view who like this tutorial. Straight up to the point, not alot of reading involved... Guess what? I got a preloader in like 5 seconds after reading this. So thanks mate, don't listen to these people they don't know what they are talking about.
Your Friend,

Not Even True.

"you need to make a scene" no you dont, half of that was complete bolloks. you need to check other places mate. and if that wasnt bad enough, it was only text and some crappy little button. get a life.