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The Truth Of It All

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Author Comments

The Truth Of It All: A Flash Movie For Viewing Far After Midnight.
This is my first flash movie, the music is by Skinny Puppy and as the title says, it makes MUCH more sense if you watch it after midnight.

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Um... I'm not really sure about what to say. The animation was minimalistic, with a few small figures as graphics and that's it. Then it ends with noting that squirrels are controlling us. Admittedly, i did not watch this after midnight, but I don't imagine I would have missed anything that much. If squirrels had that much power and it convinced me after midnight, I would presume that I'd need sleep.


It was weird that you chose that creature as the reason behind everything that occurs as it wasnt a very funny choice nor did it make any sense at all. I thought the music in the background was good as it had a terminator 2 feeling to it. I thought the highlight of your animation had to be the red eyes that you gave the squirrel but besides that there wasnt much to like about this.


That was neither an animation, nor did it have anything to do with, truth. There was no animation, the end joke was so random, but not at all funny, and the few drawing that were there were simple to the point of looking like a 5 year old drew them.

I'm pissed.

My favorite band is skinny puppy and that by no means did them justice. That didn't have anything to do with the song, it wasn't funny. It wasn't impressive. The audio quality was like listening to it on broken headphones from across a noisy room. The idea of those stages of life is as overused and cliche as the squirrel thing. This flash not only has nothing to say, but it isn't even entertaining. Basically, this is a trash. I blam this with all of my power. You fail epically. I scratched my head for a full minute whilst trying to think of one good point about this flash. Apparently I'm not observant enough to find even one. My constructive criticism is to take this down and put more effort into every single element of anythnig else you ever do. Ever. </rant>


^^Good Points^^
It is kind of a funny idea of evil squirrels controlling everything.

^^Needs Improving^^
This is just a collection of poorly drawn images of people in different stages of life, and what the squirrels had to do with anything is kind of irrelevant. The pictures weren't drawn very well, and your squirrel pictures were pretty poorly edited.

Credits & Info

2.52 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2000
1:20 AM EDT