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SC Game: Second Pack

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I suggest find a friend or a buddy and play, the instructions are in the game. The only characters that will be playable in packs are Nightmare, Ivy, Mitsurugi and Astaroth, i just can't create Maxi...sorry.


its o.k but it needs beter graphics an mor attacks

it just needs more attacks and characters and better graphics when the characters attack and a more clear background then it shud b a better game


A word of advice...friend...try making good games before submitting them,everything about this sucked except the idea.

These are OK, but...

I played both of your Soul Calibur pack things. The graphics are good, I kinda like the style and stuff. But only two attacking buttons causes a bit of a problem... Also the fact that you only have 2 characters per pack, and you can't choose a character... You should learn more about actionscript and then make some more of these, and eventually, one massive pack where you can select characters or something.

Ok, dont listen to Spinal_Skylancer first of all..

Ok anyway, the game was fairly decent, however it was basically the same as the previous game except for it had Ivy instead of Nightmare. While Ivy did have a pretty cool move, this was still pretty basic. It was decent, and probibly can help two people kill off a minute or so, but overall this just wasn't that great, sorry kid. It does have potential to be something great though, because somewhere in here is a great fighting game. Even though I know little about action script, if you kept on the track your on now, I really do think you can make a really good fighting game.

On the positive side;
+ Ivy had a pretty cool move
+ Again offers a good minute to kill
+ Pretty nice looking sprites

On the negative side;
- Basically the exact same as the other


Title says it all...

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1.73 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2004
3:46 PM EDT
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