Canada Day

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Oh Snap! This flash was so controversial the Prime Minister took away my dual citizenship! Honestly people, this flash wasn't meant to bash Canada, it was simply humorous. Quite frankly I was mostly complimenting it in this flash, but unfortunately your school systems never taught you "irony" or "sarcasm." This is about as anti-Canadian as the movie "Canadian Bacon." So people, develop a sense of wit and move on with your lives; I don't actually hate Canada. *rolls eyes*

Reviewed by: MontyC13 Overall rating: 2
I thought thtat this whole movie was sarcastic and by bashing Canada for what most people like about it I thought you meant it as a good thing

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how was this not blammed... fuck you

JujubeLock responds:

Shave my balls with your tongue


im hangry that sucked how do you can do that?

thats cool

i didnt know that Canada was socialist, and i live in it


" So its okay to make fun of America but making fun a canada is being a bigot. I think some people are being hypocritical. "
Uhm, I hardly ever see anyone making fun of Americans, except Americans themselves who hate their own country...
I'm moving to the US of A when I'm older, since I love America.
Not that I dislike your opinion, but it's just that I don't know anyone who hates the US, we get most of your Media here.
I hope everyone can just settle their differences so we can finally say:
North America FTW!
LOL anyways I've seen this over and over on South Park.
Pretty funny.


I hated the song it wuz annoying!!! But i like the piz of Canada. But I am Canadain as a nationalist i hate the burning Maple Leaf but Toronto Maple Leafs Suck!!! Nice vid tho.

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Jul 1, 2004
10:24 PM EDT