Super Metroid

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Here it is, my tribute to SNES SUPER METROID, everything drawn by me so enjoy!


totaly cool

I love any thing to do with samus and the metroid series of games.
this flash was realy cool and those critics who voted zero can stuff it where the sun dont shine. For everything to be drawn you did a great job. keep it up man. i hope you produce more work like this and if you dont, i hope there are other tributes out there as good as this one. tnx for helping bring the old super metroid back in to the light.

ps. the sound track of norfair if my fav.


Ya that was good. :P Those stupid fucks that gave it a 0 are stupid cause they can't do flash. ^^

Ok, gotta get critical here

Okay, bottom line, this was a fabulous submission. I'm going to havve to ge really critical if I can find anything wrong with this. First of all, that music was Norfair music, but it might your favorite song from Metroid. Your the artist. Second, those space pirates looked like Chozo to me. Just draw your version of a giant lobster and you've got a space pirate. Told ya I'd have to get really nit-picky to find ANYTHING wrong! Don't know WHAT that idiot who wrote a review before me was talking about. Anyway, this is hands-down a great movie.

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this blows

that had no point she wlked the hole moive...

Good, but not great

When I first saw the opening sequence, before the menu loads up, I thought to myself, "damn, this is going to blow anything I've been working on right out of the water." But the truth is, it did, and did not at the same time.

The concept was good, and the execution was great considering you used all hand-drawn graphics, like myself. However, you suffered the same problem I do. There sheer number of layers and the detail used in the scenes, causes it to run a tad slowly. Also, sometimes lines disappear on the character outline, but that's okay, I've learned to live with it. The one thing I did notice was that Samus seemed a little out of proportion, at least in the legs, and her body seemed a tad flat. Other than that, I thought her design looked awesome.

The music was okay, but using Metroid Prime music for Super Metroid was probably not the best idea. But other than that, it was fine, and the sound effects were good too.

There were a few, shall we say, technicalities though. Like Samus having Super Missiles as soon as she arrives on Zebes, or that her analysis would suggest wasting those precious missiles on common Space Pirates when a few Beam shots or a single normal Missile would have done the job. Same with the Torizo, unless you did not actually have her kill it at the end, because then it would have been an awfully quick battles.

The menu was nice, though it could have been executed a bit better. The 'scenes' button was absolutely huge, which I thought seemed a bit odd, but that happens, I suppose.

Overall, it was a good animation. A little quirky in the animation, it could have been smoother, but since you did it entirely with hand-drawn graphics, I don't think that is really a problem. A bit short, and unconclusive, though. Are you planning to do a follow up? It says, "Battle Against Mother Brain", or whatever, but you only show a little bit of the story.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2004
9:55 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 2, 2004