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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.5

rated 4.34 / 5 stars
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Jun 23, 2004 | 8:50 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 24, 2004

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  • Little Fighter Alpha
    Little Fighter Alpha Created with Little Fighter game sprites, this series is like a hardcore in-game cinema.

Author Comments

*Update* Thanks again everyone for the daily 1st award!
MaxR: In this chapter I've included extra stuff so I hope you enjoy it. I'll respond to all your reviews. If you made a good song in the song game, type the codes in ur review. I can't wait to hear yours <]:O)
AnzRage: I think we've came a long way to get to where we are today. We've gotten alot of support from our fans. This is the 3rd episode working with the team. I've enjoyed every minute of it. We're all taking a month break after this movie. I gotta finish up summer school, and MaxR, and Gooffy are going out of the country. We will all return about the same time to finish chapter 6. Thanks.
Gooffy621: We worked really hard on this. Go to our site and join in the fun by posting in our forum.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well...short and story goes lame again...

Heh...I see you tried to make this the fight movie. With cool effects, no story...the final fight. With your main caracter againgst jon..the boss who has been alive for too long. :P This episode reminded me of the second one. It resembles a bit. story..short. Well im not saying its that bad as the second. The fight wasnt bad, although the sorcerers and hunters died too easlily. Give them more skill..and your score will skyrocket! The fight with Jon was cool though...although you could presume that bat is gonna win....u made it exiting enough. New sepcials..typical bad guy almost winning and then loses. But it isnt bad.

Graphics: Im not gonna give a sprite more that 7 so be proud..with the you did a hood job.

Style: Well i will give you more style when your movies have more lenght and more story..then youll get lots of style points. Make more story!

Sound: I have nothing to complain about this. Your music choice is very fits into all the movies. And the sound of effects were realistic too.

Violence: still no blood....waiting for blood to show itself.

Interactivity: You really made the menu good. A parody and a mini game, scene selection and other stuff. Heh good menu not so good movie...try to make both good next time.

Humour: Did you want to make it funny?

Overall: Well I gave the second episode the same score...and this is better that the i cant give it a smaller score...although i will not give it a bigger score.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

Disappointing, the series worst

I was very disappointed by this the last 2 episodes in this series have been good, but this one just completely slipped, it wasn't too bad, but it should have been better, you clearly have the ability as I've seen you do it.

As this movie has two features worth commenting on I shall mention each one in a seperate part of my review.


Music game
It was an alright game to play and was fun to play around with for a while, perhaps you could have had a list of songs included with a music sheet telling you how to play them or something as it was very difficult to work out the notes and I couldn't do it at all and in the end I just gave up bothering with trying to find out, I did make a cool sounding little tune though by pressing random keys.

Van Helsing Parody
I wasn't at all interested in it, as a movie by itself it would have been entirely pointless, I had no problem with you submitting it in this however, but if you had or hadn't it would have made no difference whatsoever.

Character Screen
The screen with the pictures of all the characters on just seemed completely pointless as they were nothing but just pictures, you should have been able to click on each one and a profile about them should have opened up, or at least you should have had it so that their name shows up when you scroll over them.

It was disappointing because it was just too short and there wasn't much story, it was just the final battle with John, it would have been nicer if afterwards you could have seen what happened with the other guys, I guess the battle was about the appropriate length for what it was, it could have done with being a tad bit longer though, and it should have been more gripping. Had I not seen the previous episodes in this series you would have got a 1 for this as it didn't explain the story and it was basically just a fight, but as the fight had story to it you get a 2.

Peace Out, Afro Stud



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I wanted to give it a 9, but it was too short

This epidose seemed a bit short. That was pretty dissapointing actually. With all the extra stuff at the menuscreen, I thought this is gonna be the first episode to get a 9 from me, but because it's so short, I'm even giving it a bit lower. The extra's were pretty nice, although it would have been more fun if you made a game with that. You know, something like, you see notes appearing and you have to play that note to score points or something like that. Well maybe the next one has a minigame. I noticed the menuscreens and preloader have more and more stuff in every episode. A sceneselection wasn't really necessary in this one, the movie was a bit short for that.

Anyway, I'm glad that John is finally defeated, I already said in the review for chapter 4 that it took a bit long. I was pretty curious about what was gonna happen to the other four guys, too bad it was only about that Bat guy (that's he's name, right?). You should've added some scenes to see what happens to those four characters, so that the movie a bit longer. The backgrounds, sounds, music etc. were once again excellent.

Overall 7 out of 10, 3 out of 5. I forgot to congratulade you with your first daily feature award (for part 4). I noticed that almost every episode has a score of about 3.90, I guess you were lucky that there were no better movies the day you submitted this or you were unlucky that there were better ones the day you submitted the other chapters, that sounds a bit more positive =) Anyway, I think it was a nice, interesting movie again, I enjoyed watching it and I like your series so far.

MaxR responds:

Yeah, I was too excited about making teh fight scene long, longer than the previous ones, but looks like I ended up only with a fight scene. Oh, I forgot to tell you, thsi series will have 12 chapters.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


aww... the fight scene was a bit weird again, it ended so fast and there was barely any dialogue! Good job but I still like Ch. 4 better


Rated 5 / 5 stars


The best so far