Edbert and Otis ep. 6-10

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okay i have now submitted episode 6-10 of the series, for those who havent seen 1-5, you should probably watch them first. i have more episodes on my site (www.dwarfinator.tk)

enjoy or get angry



that was amazingly stupidly crazily funny!! OMG!! i laughed SO hard!! hahahah!!
graphics = crapest ever. extremely bad stick figures, backgrounds and animation.
sound = was nearly OK. The sound effects were alright, but the overall quality of the audio was bad.
style = excellent!! heheh, these episodes were very stylish indeed.
violence = some of the best slapstick comedy i have seen in a very, very long time. extremely humorous.
humor = AWESOME!! hahaha, i laughed so hard watching this... god, it was almost as funny as Arftenhouse! heheheh...
overall, you have next to no animating skills, and cannot draw properly, but hot damn, have you got a sence of humor!!! hahaha well done
overall score: 7/10

DWARFINATORclock responds:

actually i have drawing skills, i just drew the crappiest stuff i could to get people angry

Not bad

This was a big improvement from the previous entry, even if it did not turn out all that great. I liked how consistent you were with the many running gags. Or rather, I liked it how you really knew how to add varieties to them so they did not get old. I think the funniest part would probably have to be when he did not get hit by the anvil, but then got hit by three anvils in a row! It is obvious classic cartoons inspired that sort of thing. It probably need improvement in terms of voice work and animation.

Its ok

The only thing that really buged me about this one, was the charicters in the movie made high pitched stupid sounds, besides that it was diffrent.

I enjoyed this loads!

Try recording your SFX at a lower input level - they're peaking out all over the place

Maybe record through a compressor so you can still get those sick crescendoes


ok dont get me wrong the fact tht u hav made a flash tht has got through the portal is gd, but i dont not like animations like this, first like stick men, not my idea of gd, secondly if ur gonna put sound in at least hav them tlkin in stead of tht mumbling crap. some parts where funny eg rainign anvil but other then tht it wasnt too gr8

DWARFINATORclock responds:

wt dd u sai i dundt gt t?

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Jun 17, 2004
10:33 AM EDT
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