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Edbert and Otis ep. 6-10

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Author Comments

okay i have now submitted episode 6-10 of the series, for those who havent seen 1-5, you should probably watch them first. i have more episodes on my site (www.dwarfinator.tk)

enjoy or get angry

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omg . so simple yet so funny!

i had to watch all them to realise it was a bird shitting on him. i thought it was a retarded cloud. how stupid am i.

Not bad

This was a big improvement from the previous entry, even if it did not turn out all that great. I liked how consistent you were with the many running gags. Or rather, I liked it how you really knew how to add varieties to them so they did not get old. I think the funniest part would probably have to be when he did not get hit by the anvil, but then got hit by three anvils in a row! It is obvious classic cartoons inspired that sort of thing. It probably need improvement in terms of voice work and animation.


-That was amazing. It's quite spammy and looks to be intentionally annoying since you kept using the static for their voices over the course of ten episodes. Regardless I found it to be hilarious throughout the episodes. Having them bundled up into a convenient package just made it better since I was able to quickly go from episode to episode and laugh at the ever increasingly funny antics.

-By now you've probably stopped working on this series for a while but that doesn't mean that you couldn't bring it back with improved visuals. It's one of those spammy series that's actually worth watching.

-Review Request Club

Needs better vocals

Some of the episodes are quite funny, especially when you always find new ways of delivering your running gags (birds shitting on everything, anvils, etc.).

The vocies are really annoying though, especially when there are statics sounds all over the place when Otis and Edbert talk. Well, if you don't want to change the voices because some people love that about the series then there's nothing I could do about it. But I still have to deduct some points for the low sound quality. :P

Also I think you should try to tidy up the graphics a bit. The bad graphics may be part of the series, but I still think they could be a tad bit better.

{ Review Request Club }

Aside from the vocals, great

Well, this isn't your best piece - there is some good humour there, but when you take into account the way that the vocals seem to have been recorded too close to the mic, or too loud, you do lose something in the quality.

Some of the jokes you can see coming and as a result of this, it does make them funnier - kind of in the sense of watching a Road Runner & Wile. E. Coyote cartoon, where you can see that the plan will fail, but it's a case of working out the details.

I think that this piece could benefit from tidying up a little on the level of the animation, just to give the overall piece more impetus and a sense that there is some improvement to be made.

[Review Request Club]

DWARFINATORclock responds:

I intentionally made the sound and art as obnoxious as I could for the Edbert & Otis series. When I made the first episode I made it hoping it would anger people, however people ended up loving it and asking me to do more. Since people seemed to love the original recipe I figured I'd stick to it.

Thanks for reviewing my movie.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2004
10:33 AM EDT