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Little Fighter Alpha Ch.4

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Author Comments

*Update* AHHHHHH! I can't believe it, daily 1st place? thank you for your support guys! This will encourage me to do better on my next movies!
MaxR: This is one of the longest movie I have made compared to the others. I made changes, like adding scene selections, and improved on basic things. I hope you enjoy ch.4. I will respond to all reviews!
AnzRage: It's been great working on this chapter. We are always trying to improve. Send us some feedback on what needs improving.
Gooffy123: We worked really hard on this. Can you tell? Go to our site and join in the fun by posting inour forum.


Not bad

MaxR: I was reading the previous review and your answer and wondering if you are a native english speaker. Someting in your phrase sounds funny... Anyway, you should be open to cricticism. People have the right not to like your work. And obviously, they can only know they don't like it AFTER they watch it, so your answer doesn't really make sense =)

Ok, I like this series. It's pretty cool. The Warcraft 2 orcish peasants rule... Even though they don't say a thing, hehe. The fights could be a little more developed. Also, sometimes the speeches\subtitles disappear too fast, making them quite harder to read - this doesn't happen with all of them, though. The music is ok.

Overall, there is a little room for improvement, but you'll get better at it, being this a series. I'll be waiting for the next episode.

MaxR responds:

ah yes, finally an honest review. Oh, and by the way I am a native English speaker, I know 4 languages overall and its hard for me to keep up. Anyways, what I was trying to say to that guy is that if you don't like sprite movies then don't even watch it the first place. It's like porpusely watching a movie you hate just to talk shit about it. You seem like a smart person, since you noticed every error i kind of porpusely made. 1st, the fights, i didn't made as good and long, I will make it longer and better quality when they fight the boss (which could be the next chapter). 2nd, I made the talking a little faster, just to make you rewatch it, lol, not only that some people want to get to the action faster too.. and finally 3rd, Icould have done some things to improve it, but I want to leave room for improvements, or you'll expect me to be that good all the time eh? anyways Im glad you liked the series, and I hope you will review my next movie so I can see what needs improving on that..

A bit akward.....

action is just to slow...
Nah... i just dont like it.

MaxR responds:

Okay this is so simple, If you don't like it, then don't watch it, simple?

Nice movie ^_^

I really love Little Fighters..
This is the greatest LF movie ever made..
Maybe i can help you.. so you have a new flash partner ^_^

MaxR responds:

maybe eh? Go to our website then click the forum, I have some questions that you need to answer before i can qualify you as a member of teh LFA crew. And by the way we are hiring new ppl currently..

As for me

I rather like the series. Granted the storyline does need a little work, and grammar too. Make the fight scenes a little more dynamic, and you'll have yourself something awesome. Also, don't interrupt the music so abruptly, (I was just getting into Tsugaru when it stopped :P). Anyway, good work, keep polishing it 'til it shines, aight??

MaxR responds:

um i'll try to make it better, and improve on the fighting scenes, also i'll extend it jsut for the music to match, hmm happy?

Omg, you really shouldn't have.

I thought it was just a coinacence, you didn't ACTUALLY make a series off that game did you X.x Eh, it'd of been much better if you just had it a storyline-less lengthy random fight, you can do the fight scenes well enough (although the matrix rip off scene was impossable to follow, 2 battles slightly distant to eachother focusing on relatively un-exagerated karati moves? x.x) but you need to hire a writer if you want a storyline cause that kinda, well, sucked. Oh yeah, another thing; Woddy bounced around in the last fight scene due to their size difference, it looked like a couple of paper cut outs fighting on tabletop. Final thing; the girl with the crystal ball is a mage, and seeing her "win" against all those bandits looked horrable, eh...

MaxR responds:

oh fine lemme make up some stuff, "the crystal ball gives her physical powers!" okay, anyways she'll learn how to use her powers later in the chapter. Sprites are suppost to look like papers, you must be one of 'em sprite haters eh?

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Credits & Info

4.31 / 5.00

Jun 14, 2004
9:02 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 16, 2004