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All-In-One Tutorial 3

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Wow, another 2nd daily :) Thanks people, you're my motivation!

Part 3 already :) Have fun with this one. More audio options, better topics :) Go judge for yourself :) All reviews are welcome!

DJ Runaway

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To basic..

Im a real noob with flash. I found this tutorial way to shallow and basic. It doesnt describe in detail what to do or why, just "Do this and it will do that"..


It helped me to create my very first button after watching twety-five tutorials and none of them worked

I don't get it.

it helped me on no topics, I mean no offence meant, because this probably helped like 1000 noobs getting to work on flash, but you should explain how to do it, well, with more detail, I mean I nearly got it, but close to correct still isn't good enough in flash, is it.


kick ass great work


some good tips, and well done, could you help me make a SAVE button though?