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Flash Drawing tutorial

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Author Comments

A Drawing tutorial on how to draw anime in flash. Feel free to leave a review. Hope u like it. You may also see my other submissions: Super Metroids, drawings have the same quality! :)



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Too Fast

The beginning with the eyes were great. But, after that it went way to fast to catch up. With no way to pause I really was lost. Maybe if it were on a "game type" format of some kind so that you could maybe click on a character and then see the step by step instructions? Other than the pacing I really enjoyed the animations!


Well, I'll be honest. The pacing needs work. Beginners want to make sure they know how to do something before going onto the next step. Perhaps having a button to go onto the next step would be wise.

On the other hand, you used the Advent Children version of J-E-N-O-V-A. Therefore, it has awesome points. :P

Not Quite Helpful

Dude... you seem talented, and I'd like to learn from you,
so it was kinda frustrating watching this.

Very little teaching in this tutorial.
Most of it consists
of your (finished) drawings.

5 stars because it's only half-done.

Hope you'll make the complete version soon.


Eeee.. no?

I think this is more like gallery,not a tutorial!

Short, Sweet, and to the Point

...But next time, go a little bit slower