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The Orayu Blade : V2

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ugh NG bodging up lol, or im pissed from the stag night i just got off lol =) Just left the groom and best man walking across town in their underwear lol =D
This is the final version of my final college project.

It's a study of movement and let me clear a few things from the rough version. The swap between 3d to sktchy is for one reason : the sketchy parts suit the speed of the fights alot better than the 3d does. I've left them plain (ie, no faces) for the reason that it doesnt look as good.

It's a study of movement and i hope u enjoy it better than the rough version.

Oh, and i only added the story for the sake of making it into a movie, i dont give a shit about genryu's blade, as far as im concerned, anyone who says anything about it ripping of genryu's blade can go fook their families some more cos its plain irritating, be more open minded fgs.

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THis movie kicked hardcore ass

this was great

the other people who says this copies genryus blade r idiots, and the people who complain about that poser stuff are gay, they dont have any quality flashes of thier own to be happy with

by the way what happened to the golden axe series?!

NuttyBanana responds:

i lost the fla files during my computer dieing a while back so i lost interest at the thought of doing all those sprites again. I recently found a cd with the fla files backed up on it though so i might return to finish off the series when I have a few other movies finished

much better

This is much better than your 1st submission, nice audio/video balance, all I can suggest is more "fleshy" and less "metallic" sounds in the hand to hand combat ( not the sword stuff, just the punching), overall is was a marked improvement. Being a musician I notice the soundtrack balance most of all and you balanced it nicely with the visual, bringing up the volume where needed to emphasize the scenes. Nice work.

Oh, btw, nice stomping of that last reviewer, although gays usually DO spell better with less typos they ARE hard to please, LOL.

Not style bud but you got too lazy for yourself

The style of the animation was good and all but you've user poser to construct the charaters meaning you didn't do much of the work. how sad. :(
The bus was errrr pretty poor, too pixalated and it didn't suit the whole enivornment of the animation. I love the flat to 2d animation while they fought each other. you got something there but mixing 2d and 3d is a good thing to do in animation but your characters was jumping from 3d (poser) to 2d (flat animation). the best word to describe that is 'clushing', and some point in the animation. i didn't know whos who because it was jumping. The voices was good however the dialog was poor, the grammer wasn't up to scrach too.

I've havn't seen Genryu's Blade, but my friend says you stolen some parts of it... I wouldn't know. anyways, you had something but the 3d animation made your work clush and the result of that. i'll give you a low mark.
but atleast you got some marks from me...
Sorry bud, I'm not easy to please..

Love you lots,

NuttyBanana responds:

you seem as though you 'may' know something about poser but really dont actually. The actualy human model was in poser yes, but some of the other 3d parts had to be constructed or found. My project wasnt to build the 3d models, which means u didnt read the authors comments.

Again though with the genryu's blade thing though, go find it and watch it and tell me what i stole. Apart from the storyline which wasnt purposly done, thats all.

Overall, your review is...."clush" and your friend sounds like a real lover boy.

Love you lots cos we're all gay around here, NuttyBanana XXX

I was one of the first...

To watch V.1, I didn't even know there was a V.2!

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3.78 / 5.00

Jun 11, 2004
8:13 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 12, 2004