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2pac Kills Dr.Dre

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2pac walks in to find Dr.Dre fucking Eminem in the ass and kills him. Pretty funny though...

-Update 2003-
And for the last time, I know this movie is a piece of shit. It was done a long time ago, just as I installed flash. I realize it's shit, so stop reminding me.


Hell Yeah.....

Man, The Chronic (1992) was a good Album man, though Dre should of left Eazy Muthaphukkin E alone for the hit song "Bitch Dre Day". Dr. Dre does take credit 4 every other artists artwork such as......The D.O.C., RBX, Tray Dee, Dat Nigga Daz, etc. *Also Snoop Doggy Doggy Dogg iz a Fag suckin' the Doctor's dick, whut tha hell doez Dre know aBout some Ganxsta Shit!? Chantin' M.O.B. Bloodz & Rollin' 60's Crips......which set u from bitchass nigga?*-Dre'sta & B.G. Knocc Out. Plus listen to Eazy's "It's On (Dr.Dre) 187um? Killa" Album such songs as *Real Muthaphukkin G's* E feat. Dre'sta & B.G. Knocc Out & *It's On* E feat. Dre'sta. Hell even on Eazy's "Str8 off tha Streets of Muthaphukkin Compton* Songs *Just Tah Let U Know* E takes out Poppy Pound Crip Snoop Doggy Doggy Dogg & Phat Albert Blood Suge Knight, aswell as the song *Wut Would U Do?* E feat. Dirty Red which they take out Philly Hoe Kurupt, Digggggiigggi Daz & Bitch Pimped slapped Hoe Dre! The hit song of Makaveli's "To Live & Die In L.A." at the end Makaveli chants Dre's Gay! Thanx 2 Dre & Snoop in the Summer of 1996 Fag Dre declared Gangsta Rap Dead, Fag braught up new Artists such as Eminem, 50 Cent & GGGGG-uNot!!!!! Eazy-E was an O.G. who branched off of the Kelly Park Compton Crips, Hey Yo Dre!!!! Dre really think a M.O.B. Blood & a Rollin' 60's Crip really mix, uh? Well Dre was Eazy's Bitch! R.I.P. Eazy (1963-1995) & R.I.P. Makaveli (1971-1996), Last wordz! Muthafuck Dre, Muthafuck Snoop, Muthafuck Death Row......Yo! And here comes my Left Blow!!!!!!! -Fu skinhead88!


Nice job bro.

Shitty but funny as fuck.

once again.....Fuck Eminem.

Much clown love,
The Ninjas.

Erm... okay, and that was?

Hmm I watched this earlier as another submission it was titled 2pac vs. Dr Dre, it was submitted earlier than this but considering both of them have your made by jg thing I'm assuming the other one was stolen. Add the Newgrounds site address to this link and deal with it if you want /portal/view/1690.

Anyway here's my review for that from earlier but slightly modified.

The author's comments where it says what happens sums this up, it really is that bad and pathetic, the sound quality was poor as well and needed work, what was the point to this? It was just stupid, crap and pathetic, really immature and a complete waste of time.

not cool

eminem didn't deserve that dr dre though yeah he had that coming because dre cant rap worth shit all hes good for is making beats for eminiem (Duh!)

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2.33 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2000
7:31 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody