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A Memorial Day Message !!

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May 31, 2004 | 2:29 AM EDT

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Author Comments

This is special made for Memorial Day, for those who serve and died in our country. Material from several u.s. military branch.



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Another stolen movie from the "Major"

Wow, 'Major', you sure do like to pass others' work off as your own. This time you don't even bother trying to make an excuse for the logo in the corner. I seriously doubt your credentials - officers must possess at least a Bachelor's degree to obtain a commission, yet your grammer seems more appropriate to Junior High lunch hour. Also, the position given in your profile does not even exist, according to Google and every combination of the terms you used.

If indeed you are a retired officer in the US Air Force, then shame on you! Stealing, even when it is just stealing credit, stands against the Air Force's first core value - Integrity First. As an enlisted Airman of four years, I should know this. Taking credit for other's work and posting it with your (supposed) credentials only works to give the Air Force a bad name.

Not to mention the over-the-top and constant glorification of war in these works. I'm heading to the desert in a few months, and the idea of aiding (even indirectly) in the killing of thousands weighs on my conscience. Why is it the ones who rest safely at home shout loudest for war?


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stupid american hillbilly film

first of all this took no skill second it is dumb. stand united for what? the illegal invasion of iraq? george bushes one oil company that he didnt run into the ground, but then again he did have to take over a country to save it. you families are dieing for nothing, iraq has just gotten worse since america invaded. this wouldnt have been all bad if it were on a war that had a purpose.


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First of all, thank you. my brother is a U.S. Marine. He served in Falluja Iraq (hell). It is nice to see there are still some patriots left. do not be discouraged by the mentally ill liberal leftists. Please contiue these patriotic flash movies. In this way you continue to do justice to America and her finest (the men and women in uniform) thank you!


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This has no place on NG

Being Canadian maybe the reason this video didn't warm my heart but even Americans have to admit the cheapness of this its just a slide show with a crappy song in the backround i've made grade 10 oceans projects just like that but the letters flew in from the right it was flashyer then that come on if you trying to inspire patriotism try harder next time


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

((( DECENT )))

Well notbad, it was cool, i like the thaught behind it all, could have been abit longer with abit more effects, but i got what the msg means, its all good with me...