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My first flash animaiton. PLEASE EXCUSE THE GLARING SPELLING MISTAKES AND THE MEANINGLESS SYMBOL AT THE START this was never actually intended for the public eye. None the less, I think it still manages to tell an interesting story, go for it fella.


Pretty good, i liked the quotes being thrown in

This did not suck by any means, but it is also far from being my favorite animation.

Not bad but not great either.

It was alright by my standards,which may be screwed up but hey as I said it was good,not the greatest but alright

A lesson is there, but it takes a while

I liked the idea and the story, however the execution was done more like a film trailer rather than a short story. I could see what you were going for and to keep it up. More practice, plus trial and error will help improve your animation skills. I did enjoy the story, the ending was endearing.

not bad

that graphics werent too bad and the sound was suited to the clip. the message behind the plot was nice and the animation was well put together

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Pretty good... watchable

I liked this. It goes well to see a movie like this when there's plenty of other samurai movies involving nothing but people killing each other... This one actually had a kind of message.

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3.61 / 5.00

Jun 3, 2000
1:25 AM EDT