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BSB vs DK Project

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DK Project tells the story of two teenager secret agents, Dott and Kave. They have the mission to destroy any bad product delivered by the entertainment industry. These guys are violent, amoral and really funny.
Visit the site to find the complete story of this secret project: www.dkproject.com
DKProject´s credits are shared by three guys Ernesto Bottger, Luis Casuso and Roxana Vasquez and we love to receive comments about our work.

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I always wondered what the DK in DK project stand for...Donkey Kong?

Actually impressed by how good this looks for something made in 2000-2001! Excellent work by the creator. Not so relevant today since the BSB are no more, but a nice little piece of nostalgia nonetheless.

Everyone's a critic.

People are giving this flash a bad name because of its.. animation? Sound quality?
Srsly, this flash is one of the best flash animations from back in the day. I must admit there are better stories in the DK Project, but fuck me, those are some sweet 12 fps anims right there.


Liked this movie alot. Great concept. Animation is a little bleak but nice all the same.

Your use of tweaking...

While the animation in itself wasn't extremely bad... the tweaks left a bit to be desired... it jumped from thing to thing at times... barely noticible at first, but annoying as it progresses...