Malapa's Challenge

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As seen on NG Alphas! Not a demo, not a trailer, but a complete RPG adventure. Take control of Malapa, a psychically gifted young man who battles a series of dark gods returned to Earth for vengeance.

This game features 6 stages full of puzzles and people to rescue, over 25 player powers and attacks, 22 enemy characters (including 10 bosses) with unique attacks and talents, 20+ cinemas, several sub-games, a password system, and 5+ hours of game play.

Several people suggested that I put in instructions, but there are already instructions in the game. Before the game, you can access them in the slide menu. During the game they access them from the main menu in the walkabout area. Also, if you don't like the music or sound effects, go to the fifth page of the main menu and turn them off. If you don't like the cinemas, you can turn them off there as well.

Any bugs or other problems, please e-mail me- septy@hotmail.com


PS. You have to use Clairvoyance to see enemy stats.

Update: 5-7-2001. As requested, I reduced the dodge and miss rate in the game, and fixed a few minor problems.
All password codes with "\" in them have been changed to "}"

New: 10-28-2001. I have created a FAQ for the game at http://www.geocities.com/amazingsepty/MalapaFAQ.htm. The most common questions about the game are addressed there.

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I couldn't remember the name of this game, I kept digging the folders in my brain, all I had for info was the bald guy with some transformation and shit like that. The reason why I still have memories of this game is that it was really badass, back in the days it was super exciting and the story was interesting, fighting against a big red muscle guy, a minotaur that pops up out of nowhere.
Long story short. This game is the best IMO, I am still intending to play it. What sucks is that you won't see a game like this anymore.

Still one of my top all time game I have ever played on a computer.

This showed promise for about three minutes, until he Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger morphed into a S&M Jean-Luc Picard. I'm sure it's good, because I can at least usually grit my teeth through turn-based RPG's that aren't Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, I was gladly watching the cutscene because I wanted to use my psychic powers to battle Quetzlcoatl and Thor and whatnot, but suddenly he got all kinky, which was just completely unnaceptable! He even spake aloud the words "Leather Rhapsody Transform." There could have been a way to pull this off realistically, but I just feel as if you need to insert something like that because there's a lack of plot. I clicked on a link to a game whose description was serious, but three minutes in, something totally ridiculous happened and it just turned me off to your game.

sucks balls

that was bad..i mean really really bad..

male stripper

o lawd i love male strippers

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3.78 / 5.00

May 4, 2001
12:35 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature May 5, 2001