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Hello Newgrounds, long time no see...
From the creator of "Aura" comes a brand new [quite old by now, actually..] flash production - SMILE! .
What was to be quick side project turned into a beast that took me over 3 months... Three months of forsaking and returning, three months of occasional work suicides and sleepless nights...

as always, NOTE: May not be liked by everyone, but was never meant to be liked by everyone. If you're here only to watch funny mario parodies, then you can skip this movie now.

Enough nagging. Watch the movie.

(There are quite many people that get confused by the ending. Just to let you know - yes, it's supposed to be the way it is. )

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Machines... controlling our lives? Forcing us to fake a happy interaction? Involuntary participants in a system we don't want to be in, disconnected but happy with where we are? Pique on social media? Or on unreal expectations overall? Or on the unnatural bridges in our society. The false images. This could mean so many different things...

I was really hoping there'd be a happy ending for that guy, or that one of the button-pushers would actually realize their wrongs, but the ending reveals another side to them after all... pretty depressing, but really well-done. Seems to symbolize so much of the world we all live in right now.


Culture kills many of us with positive propaganda. We'll often accept social and state injustice in favor of pleasure and reward. The outdated flash movie aesthetics can distract from the nihilistic atmosphere, but it hardly bothers me. I had mixed feelings about this flash movie as a teenager, but I love it as a 29 year old adult. Everything about it makes so much sense to me now. Thank you for making challenging entertainment that made me think as a teenager.

im gonna have to agree with NekoMika on that message that seems to be behind it, but along with how others pick on the one that is different.

Feels almost like a way of saying you have to smile through everything and sometimes people will keep pushing and pushing to see how much you can smile through. Very old animation but still interesting.

What I appreciate most of this is the depth and plethora of messages this holds. Many of which I am sure were intended, and perhaps a few that weren't.

I appreciate how it begins with the music artificially dated in quality to match the aesthetics to reflect what videos we have of the Third Reich, setting the tone for something particularly

The cleverly depicted automatons, shown both figuratively and literally, pleases me just as much. Already they were seen to be led as 'sheep' to conform to the demands (no matter what was written), but the slight pan to the side at the end upon slaying the victim to show their faces to be no more than masks fixed upon robotic bodies leaves no doubts as to what the representation was meant to hold.

The apparel worn by the committee of nazi-likened automatons is indicative of high school or college fashion, each representing the 'popular cliques' we would find there.

The 'new kid', or victim, is not marked to match or deviate from any of these. This is your average Joe who struggles to conform. At first, he fails because he is confused by the demands set before him. Then, upon realizing that it is conform or die, he attempts to comply even if it means gritting his teeth. That is until he realizes, upon seeing the blood pooling at his feet, that the backstabbing has already caused a great deal of damage and he's able to see the wreckage caused by rumors or any other means that the 'cool kids' would be able to use in their twisted arsenal. The realization causes him to falter, resulting in further punishment that eventually leads to endless backstabbing until it killed him, which I take to be more figurative. Then he is discarded, once the light leaves his eyes.

Thereafter, the depraved revel as though nothing had transpired, outlines the lack of care they have for any of it. I think that part is what ultimately serves to be the cherry on top.

Another alternative message is that refusing to smile and pretend everything's all right is the quickest way to be ostracized.

And I can’t get enough of this.

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4.38 / 5.00

May 1, 2004
9:12 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 3, 2004
  • Weekly 2nd Place May 4, 2004

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