NG TimeTrial IX

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*Update* its been brought to my attention that one of the authors ripped shit from another artist.. i must have been on crack or didnt notice it until it was pointed out to me ... its been removed as its a utterly disappointing technique and that 'artist' if you even want to call him that is not worthy of being amongst people who actually put in the time to do the art.
sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy.


Good GOD!

How the Christ could you people combine pirates and ninjas and get something so bland? i mean the mere presence of pirates or ninjas should be enough to make it awesome. a pirate/ ninja movie that is as mediocre as this should violate at least one law of physics.

Be original, please

The challenge plot was stolen. The music was stolen (although what music isn't?). The movies were ALL stolen in plot except the one made by...the whatever guy. We had the madness ripoff, the Arfenhouse 3 trailer ripoff, the music video, and then the one that WASN'T stolen, which was a pirate's head and then ninjas and it was over. Once again this shows that people do not care about plot, writing, or even good ANIMATION, all they need is mediocre graphics and it's an A+ work. Or porn, as seen by our #1 submission...

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3.82 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2004
11:54 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 21, 2004