NG TimeTrial IX

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*Update* its been brought to my attention that one of the authors ripped shit from another artist.. i must have been on crack or didnt notice it until it was pointed out to me ... its been removed as its a utterly disappointing technique and that 'artist' if you even want to call him that is not worthy of being amongst people who actually put in the time to do the art.
sorry for the inconvenience and enjoy.


((( COOL )))

I dont see tomany of thease, but every once in awhile you guys come out with a few decent animations, maybe abit overrated amd more driven by orginised votes, but some of the art is ok, and decent...



Well, this is a big disgrace considering the awesome topic and none of them where awesome.

One was close, but not awesome.

And Ninjas actually killing pirates? What kind of universe is that guy living in? Please!


I didn't find any of the flashes to be very interesting. Well, some of the ideas were good. Like in Luis' cartoon. There was potential but it was just pointless gore. And then there was the other one... Kill Ninjas. It was just sorta hard to watch. The animation could've been a bit cleaner. And what's up with that pirate talking like a girl...


Not nearly as good as the other NG TTs, and I have to say, Joe Outterside completely ripped 'Bitey From Brackenwood' off. Did you import the .swf and steal the graphics and animation or something? Shame, it brought down the score. A lot.


a shameless bitey ripoff, a shameless arfenhouse tm3 trailer ripoff, a good looking but 5 second movie, a rockvideo from someone who is too lazy to draw arms and legs and an average piece of big lou himself. I feel like some of the people send in submissions to the trials just to get the awards without making anything original. Such a pity, because the egg easter time trail was brilliant though

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3.82 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2004
11:54 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 21, 2004