Mario Badgers Remake

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Update* Updated some stuff, still crappy, but it fille a request. Try to enjoy. This is a loop after all



hehe sick idea! just try and fix the end so the animation can loop flawlessly

Skybert responds:

with stream it doesnt work, Stream bug in Flash

a bad idea made worse..............


Skybert responds:

sure thing dude


i'm so tired of all these pointless flash pogects... its is really so hard to make a REAL story line or at least something funny... and most of all something NEW and DIFFERENT?????? COME ON PEOPLE

and this is just a rip of of the badgers song and mario... sprite movies makesr should get some LAW SUITS

Skybert responds:

sounds like you got something on your mind, post it on the bbs


Okay... I liked this one... It made me laugh.

I think it's one of those things that will annoy people in the future. It's one of those that you leave playin on your desktop to annoy your fellow employees..
It's good. But it's just a repeater, it's short, but sweet.

Amunch, amunch, amunch, amunch, amunch, amunch, amunch, A mushroom....

Skybert responds:

its badger badger in case you didnt notice ;)

stolen but meh

I'd probably rate this very low for the simple fact it's a stolen concept of a very odd movie. But, reading all the other reviews while listning to the never ending badger song made me laugh enough to redeem you.

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Skybert responds:

heh, not stolen, i dont take credit for it. Did you even read the credits at the begining? I dont think so, So read those b4 u n00b review my movie ok?

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4.16 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2004
11:46 AM EDT
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