There she is!!!

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I am amalloc of SamBakZa.
Frankly, I can not speak in English.(a friend of mine helped me to write this one) but it would be quite comfortable for you to watch movie which I had made, because there is quite few letter and words. Please make yourself at home while watching it..^^
------ (4/15)
So sorry about I couldn't reply all the e-mails.(It's hard work to write english as for me.) I try answer your questions in our FAQ page.(www.sambakza.net)

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Damn I remember watching this in 2009, having like 5 y/o, now I'm 18 and I still love it and cry just for how nostalgic it.

I remember seeing this when it was new, way, WAY back during my early years patrolling this site. As far as I'm concerned, it's a classic of both Newgrounds and of the internet in general, and it's as good to watch today as it was back then 😊

Woah its like an epic anime!

it's like pucca and garu

I love this series one year ago