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Well, interactive menus with a kill john game, a dressup doll section with the imp girls, canceled projects, trivia and 18+ art.Need any fries with that sir?


Now it all makes sence...

Didn't realise you had a cult going with this before most of the the sonic movies. Making a seperate movie explaining things was a cool idea and I'd have to say it's been done pretty well, once you've done a few episodes of a series like IMP I guess an episode like this is the equivilent of a rerun clipshow episode only better, because you won't have seen most of it before! ^^

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well, "cult"
actualyl i started with the sonic movies, sonic and other madness 1 and 2, and sonic and the treasusre hunt and dumbmovie. With those movies i got a handful of fans who did a lot voices and later we all together became the Imp.
I can't say were much of a real cult, its just our 6 members and..eh..well 8 to 10 fans mostly..
Sometimes i like to take a brake from imp and the usaull voice waiting and make a sonic movie again..and still have to wait for voices ;_;

LOL kewl!

that extras bits were good, specially the cancelled films. I would luv to see that LOTR spoof, but i think we will see something like that in the future Sonic&otherMadness movies. And the graphics, woo they sure improved. I love to see that kind of style in future movies. The artwork was ok, i think you got the more nasty ones in your art club but it wont let me in as it wont approve my password and it said it will send me an email saying if its approved or not but its been returned saying its infected, looks like i'll never get in.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well, since your helping me out now i can give you my acount stuff, i don't mind so much people i know using it..Just send me a mail about what art club your talking about, rogers art club or the imp yahoo groups..I know they are trouble :S

That answers alotta questions.

Well I liked being able to see the stuff Zody never did xD! "My talent is failure"...I think I'll use that line one day xD! by the way you draw some good art Zody! Better then even in the flash! Come to think of it... That furry hentai pic was well made too. A bit small and uh..sorta hard to see though. But good artwork. So the blue character (I think it was "john") basically doesn't actually serve as an artist now? He just follows along as a character without an artist? Oh and about the reference to "Jen and Ivo" in the character info thingie... Is that from "The Rouge's Gallery"?

RogerregoRRoger responds:

Well as you could read in johns trivia part, John was a original guy who wanted to star in Imp but got into a fight wuth Bustin..He was kinda annoying too..That john also drew art, but eh...Its horrible i can tell you ^_^; perhaps if i make another interactive thing ill show it to ya..Till now every Imp member has made some art, except Henrik who openly explained he cant draw anyting but Stickmen..:s
Jen and Ivo are from a website Zody visits a lot, called www.psyguy.com or something..

Some suggestions

1. Now when you draw a furry naked. It is not required to draw the nipples. Only do that if you draw a human naked.
2. If you like killing john that much. Then make a flash game on it. For example a game where you blast a bunch of Johns with a variety of weapons.

The movie is still good though.

RogerregoRRoger responds:

1)Furries also have nipples, mamels need to feed their children milk dont they?Not sure tough, never that good in bioligy.Further more, this episode is called fan service, to make people happy, especially on newgrounds, you need blood and erotica..Since Tiffany is the only human, all other girls also got more..Erotic..Most naked art wasnt draw by me tough..Besides there are no rules for drawing furries naked.If you say real foxes and cats dont have niplles, i say neither do they speak english and wear clothes, do they?
2)May sound weird, but i dont like killing John.It was Bustin who wants him dead, as you could have readed in the trivia section.And the kill john game is a flashgame, is it?Okay, its not a cool shoot em up or something, but im afraid to admit its about the best i can do for now..


lol i like it. if u start making series, you must start making stuff like that :)

oh i almost forgot: SHSRFHSTUZDZ%FHS/!+W!323rDSFFSFDHHFDRerffghseeeXXXXXXXQESEF %!!45465OPP to you :)

RogerregoRRoger responds:

yes yes, $@&@*&#@*& back to you too..Well at least you dont start talking about penesis...sigh..

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Apr 4, 2004
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