PICONJO in Tenchu Gaiden

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This is the Greatest Piconjo Movie, I worked on it so hard for 3 months without and days off. all of my dedication goes out to "you" the fans.

oh, and never forget that...

Piconjo <3's j00.


where's the drawings?

The best Ninja movie Tom Fulp has ever seen? Lol very unlikely I think xD
They all have one thing in common that they are all so insanely bad this one gets a 1 at least because the music with the leaves falling as the screen showed you the sword was ok. But even then you couldn't draw it yourself! I'm amazed by the absence of your own drawings, most of them are photograph cut outs and the only thing you really draw yourself is the very bad stick character with a freaky grey face. You could of at least added a background.

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It's obvious that this isn't worth watching. It's just more of the same talentless flash.


what the hell was that? wasnt that great, just a buncha crappy tweens and images, this isnt as good as tehse reviews say! its crap! the music was horrible to hear!

WOW! dude that was teh awesomeness

I was wondering what everyone was talking about at the forums. Now I know. !THAT WAS THE BEST FLASH EVER!

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Who ever this red haired stickman is.

I find him charming already. This piconjo fellow is indeed a character and the way he was kicking ass all over the place it just made me love him more.

That had to be the best ninja stick man movie ever.

I'll check out your other stuff. I want to be up to date and know who piconjo really is.

Overall 10/10

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2.09 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2004
2:20 AM EST